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I finally have berried shrimp!

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I got my first cherries on Feb. 23, 2007, and after a long wait and getting everything right...finally...I have 2 berried shrimp! I hope all of them will berry in the next couple of days or so!

I am so excited...just wanted to express my excitement!
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What kind of shrimp?
OOPS! Sorry guys...they are RCS that I got from actionjc (actioncia)!
YEA congrats I know the feeling after going through 3 batches of rcs before any breed. Now get ready for the population explosion:drool:
Congrad! :) Once they get going, there is no stopping them. LOL :)
I'm not really sure if I'm just lucky or what. I actually set up a 10g tank the day before I got my shrimp. I put a few bunches of java moss in there with some drift wood and a small HOB filter. 1 of my shrimp was berried so I put her in the 10g. I can barely count how many I have now. I really think the moss is key.
I also think once you have a berried RCS you will definitely get babies
Can't wait for my population explosion...there's an LFS around that says they'll buy em :D
I think my biggest mistake was not having an HOB. I only had a sponge filter in one corner, and a Corner filter in the other. At first there was lots of water movement, but as the filter matured, not as much water movement. As suggested by actioncia, I added the HOB, and then I got eggs. I think in my case the HOB (well, a few other changes also)was the trick. I do feed every other day or so because I can not seem to grow algae...or they eat it faster than I see it. I have snails, so I am not worried about over feeding...I also am getting a Weather Loach for my 55g, so I will feed the extra snails to him/her.

...counted 3 yesterday!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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