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I fear for the life of my fish, please advise.

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Thank you for reading this, I had a 4 month old fully cycled 55 gallon aquarium (using Dr. Tim’s One and Only Nit. Bac.) and we decided to upgrade to a bigger one (180 gallons) we used Diana Walstad’s method, about an inch of organic topsoil with no additives, no fertilizers and no surfactants, on top of this we added 2 inches of caribsea’s eco-complete substrate, the old canister filter (Fluval 405) and we added a new canister filter (Fluval 406) and used some of the old gravel, the filters are set as follows:
sponge, polyfiber, biomax and clearmax (phosphate remover).
The water was properly dechlorinated with prime, dosed with Dr Tim’s first defense, Seachem’s flourish excel, Flourish iron, Flourish Nitrogen, Flourish Phosphorus, and Flourish Potassium per “beginner instructions on bottles”
we also planted the tank and transfer all the fishes (about 40 of them: Zebra danios, white cloud mountain minnows, tetras) in the new aquarium a couple hours after the tank was set up.
The new tank has been running for about 30 Hrs. water temp 24.5 Celsius / 76 F. I tested the water parameters using Seachem and Fluval test kits, as of this morning the Seachem yielded the following results: free ammonia was very close to 0 (hard to read) and traces of total ammonia, traces of nitrites and about .3 mg/lt of Nitrates.
The fluval minimaster kit yielded the following results:
PH 7.5, ammonia less than .6 mg/lt, traces of nitrites and traces of nitrates.
Currently the tank is very cloudy like milky kind of greenish, I am assuming a bacterial bloom mixed with the colors from the ferts.
I am not quite sure about what to do now, can you please help/advise me?
I taught I had prepared for this, I am overwhelmed and I fear for the life of my fish.

Please pardon my English since it is not my first language.
Thank you, your help is deeply appreciated.
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