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Here we go then, I re-scaped my low tech tank yesterday.

Ever get the feeling that about 1/2 hour into the event, and you have a fish-tank full of what looks like dirty radiator water, you think to yourself "Oh Christ, I wish that I'd never started this!" But it's too late to back out now, you've removed all your fish, all the plants are out on the coffee table, the old aqua-scape is all over the sitting room - SO YOU GOTTA CONTINUE!!

Tank - Aqua One Eurostyle bow front 80
Dims - width 42cms, length 80cms, height 64cms
Volume - 185L
Lighting - 2 x ??w T5HO (something watt, can't remember)
Filtration - Aqua Manta EFX 200

So, A few pics to show what I was coming from (these were taken over about a 12 month period)

12 Months ago it looked like this:

6 months ago it was looking like:
(I was given some 'guppy grass' which went mad and started taking over)

Before the re-scape yesterday it looked like this:
(The guppy grass was too thick, even though I was pulling handfulls of it out weekly, the jungle vals had kicked off big time, and were growing at the front of the tank, not ideal considering it it a background plant etc)

This morning it was looking like this

(A rather dramatic change I think you'll agree :icon_eek: )

I ditched all the jungle val which was taking over the tank, the other plants have gone, some of the old stones etc. I went for a more minimalistic style, mainly using my driftwood. I want to get some more anubius.

I know that the scape is somewhat central, but I was restricted to where that damn big central piece of wood could physically fit. I tried all sorts, at this was the only place that it would go that I could get the lid shut and the light fixtures seated correctly.

The scape is made up of 3 main pieces, the large one on the left kinda coming around towards the front, the central V bit with a decent chunk on the bottom and another bit behind coming up from the rear right. There are about 5 other small pieces in there, to fill gaps, make it look more 'stumpy' and with some anubias on it.

The tankmates are:

3 Bosemani rainbow
4 smaller blue rainbow fish
2 small plecos
3 female swordfish
1 male swordfish
7 tetra thingies (not sure of the name, not neons, silver, with yellow and black tips to their fins)
1 female platty
1 platty fry (just big enough to survive the rainbows)
3 Albino shrimps
1 Assassin snail
1 Nerrite snail

The guppy grass went in the bin, 80% of the jungle vals went in the stream behind me, the other 20% into my other tank. Some of the java ferns went in my other tank, and unfortunately some of them got 'damaged beyond repair' when I threw the peice of driftwood against the wall that I was trying to tie the damn things onto!

I like the clean look to the bottom of the tank though, I may invest in a couple of smaller corys to wizz around the now bare bottom.

Sorry about the quality of the picture, it was taken on my iPad. The glass needs a clean from water marks when I was re-filling it, but I thought that I should leave it for a day or two in order not to stress the fish more. I'll get my DLSR out tonight, turn the room lights off, and try and get a couple of decent pictures to show.

Planning on about 20% water change mid-week, and another at the weekend. Check the water parameters, and once they've settled I need to give my filter a clean up as well due to all the muck that got sucked up. The tank was re-filled with about 20% of the origional water. Hopefully things will settle down and fill out (well, the crypts as I know that the anubis isn't going to set the world alight)

Feeding: Usually once a day, a few pinches of decent quality flake food. Mixture of various tetramin flakes all tipped into the same tub and shaken up.

Live feeding: Whenever my swordtails, and platty give birth. I have had loads of broods, and so far only 1 salt and pepper plattie has survived.

Water changes: When I remember, 50% usually around every 2 or 3 weeks once everything has settled. I will be doing this much more often to start with on this re-scape till things have become a constant.

Water Top offs: Whenever the Mrs says, can you do something about that filter in that damn tank!

FYI - this is the latest extract from my journal, which can be viewed in full on

Skip the first page as that's just a nasty old tank set up, I bought my new tank on page 2 and started actually thinking and planning on what I was doing
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