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I did a bad thing...

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So you know how sometimes dogs run away? Have you ever heard of a turtle running away?

I was cleaning my turtle's tank, and I put him in a box and put him outside to bask in the sun. When I came back, the turtle was gone! One side of the cardboard box was all wet and he somehow climbed out, even though the box was higher than his body length. That little bastard crawls fast too, I couldn't have been gone for more than 15 minutes. Looked all around 2 blocks, couldn't find him anywhere. I guess it's a good thing that RES are at least native to Michigan, even though it's not good to release him into the wild.
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Dang! though since they're native to michigan (and minnesota and wisconsin and well, that entire area. used to live there and we used to play with res allthe time) it basically means that no one will know your little guy from any other red eared slider they see at the pond. :(

did you check under the porch or something? are there ponds near your house?
For a turtle, any ponds or swimming pools would be pretty far. I looked under the porch and couldn't see anything. Usually when I set him loose (without the box, but I watch him), he tries to go across the street. Seeing has there aren't any squashed turtles as far as he could have gotten, he must be hiding somewhere. I left some water and food out for him in case he needs it; apparently they can't eat food that isn't in the water (very strange, but that's what google says).
Fishscale: That is correct. Most turtles do not produce their own saliva for swallowing, and therefore must swallow underwater in order to facilitate this.
:icon_lol: , i'm sorry for laughing. that must be one hella fast turtle.
please update if you find the little guy. Gee, I know a very good animal communicator that might be able to help. not sure if she's ever talked to a turtle, or if a turtle would "talk" back. :)
I went to check on the dish of water and food I left out. No turtle, but apparently cats like turtle food. I found 3 neighborhood cats eating out of the dish.
Technically RES aren't native to michigan, but do to people putting them in ponds, releasing unwanted pets and escapes from enclosures they are found in several michigan counties now. However they can and do survive the winters most likely if suitable habitat is found it will become one of the legion of ecological imbalances that take place.

I'm not trying to sound critical or anything, i had to spend a day tearing up my yard looking for a five inch florida snapping turtle that walked away on me while i was letting them sun and cleaning their cage. Alive or dead that turtle was coming back.

I found him burrowed under the side of a barrel next to the garage, apparently he took cover in a slight depression next to it and wheedled under it. I'd go out today and look in the most unlikely spots and see if the turtle is holed up under there some where trying to wait for a clear time to make a break for it.

:( I know, I spent about 3 hours combing the neighborhood for him, but I don't have an enclosed yard, and its hard getting permission from people to look through their yards.
Did you look in even the smallest areas, such as under bushes, in narrow spaces, cracks, in the grass, etc?
I looked under all the porches in the neighborhood, under my own bushes, and so on, but I just have a front yard and basically a small gravel parking area in the back. I'm betting he isn't on my property right now, and even though I've been asking people if I could look around, I haven't always gotten a yes answer. According to the DNR website, RES turtles are native to muskegon and lansing. It might be wrong though. Thanks for all your help. :(
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