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Apparently I needed another tank. LOL

I fell in love with the look of the "Bookshelf" tank and of course had to have one. Moved the contents of my poor little 2.5g over yeaterday (home for all my other cast off plants) bought a few plants from tom855 (the Dallas hot weather did not do much good for them but will try my best to nursing them back) and added driftwood I had laying around.

I was at the Dallas North Aquarium sale yesterday and found a few rocks that I just love the color and shape of. Had to buy them... So now I am not sure what to do with them? Looking for suggestions or thoughts on if I should use them. I also thought about adding another piece of driftwood on the other side of the tank to even it out.

Here is my thought process on the plants if I go the 2nd piece of drift wood.

E. Trianda in the middle front of the tank (make a valley type effect)
H. micranthenoides in the middle back of the tank (where it is now)
Blyxa Japonica in the back on either side of the HM
Then something red in both corners?

If I got the rock route I have no idea what to do. Here is a picture of them and in relation to the tank

What about using the driftwood and the rocks? too much difference in the color, too distracting?

Suggestions, pretty please?


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