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I Am SO Blonde

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I received my new Nova Extreme T-5 fixture yesterday...Yay!
Took off all the old lights and slapped that puppy on. Today they have been on since 7 a.m.. I just took the fixture off to do a quick water change.
What do you know...the bulbs have plastic protective bags on them.:eek5:
It probably pays to read the instruction manual....:icon_roll
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LOL! Nice one! haha
Check to make sure the reflector doesn't have any plastic over it either. I got a light fixture with a used tank and didn't notice that the previous owner never took this off. It was baked on to the reflector and nearly impossible to remove.
How do you like your Nova?? I've got the Freshwater 24" on order right now.. I can't wait!!
Ha. That's better than people who walk around with the protective plastic film on their cellphone screens. Especially when it's all greasy from their face, peeling off, and stuff like that, but they refuse to take it off. Yech.
Lol, happened to me with reflectors from Ahsupply xD Luckily it made a popping sound so I took it off to investigate!
Heheh! I couldn't believe it did not melt. Shows you how cool T-5's run. I was lucky.:confused:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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