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My daughter has an enclosure that we want to keep above 80%RH for the specimens that reside in the enclosure. Essentially, we just want a unit that will power a mister/fogger when the RH drops below 80%

Last year we purchased an Inkbird Humidity Controller. It spent most of the year unplugged and unused because whenever the humidity level reaches 100% (e.g., when air cools in the evening leading to condensatation) it sounds a blaring alarm. I rather dislike being needlessly awoken at 3am for a sensor value we are fine with. Apparently, per the manufacturer, the alarm cannot be disabled.

I looked at a few other models, however, those units appeared to also have alarms that sound if 99%RH is passed. Does anyone have a recommendation for an affordable humidity controller for higher humidity encloses? Something that won't sound an alarm if humidity is too high.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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