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Hygrophila corymbosa : Deficiency

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I got a few stems of Hygrophila corymbosa lately I noticed that it has some kind of deficiency.

Its leaves get tiny pinholes that start as white and end up brown, in addition it is loosing a lot of leaves daily I have to scoop of my surface leaves sometimes very young ones and most of the time large ones (about 2-3 inches long).

My parameters are

60G tank KH:4 pH:6.8-6.5 T:27-28C, Lighting 2x55W PC and 2x30W T8
pressurized CO2, WC 20% Weekly

I dose 5ml of Seachem Flourish weekly and also add Seachem NPK series and tablets for the amazon swords. I have a bit of stagghorn on my valis top leaves which I remove mechanically.

Any ideas what is causing my Hygrophila corymbosa to not be so well? It is supposed to be an easy plant and fast grower.

ps: I moved it recently, it had these symptoms before the move but not as bad as it is now.
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This plant is really fickle about things. It loves nitrogen and potassium. The pinholes are from a lack of potassium. The leaves falling off are typically due to low light, generally from being shaded. Extra N can help it be more resiliant, and plant tabs can help as well. It's a heavy root feeder.

Some additional advice: Drop the Seachem NPK line and get dry powders from Aquarium Plants, Aquatic Plants, Planted Aquariums, and Aquarium Plant Fertilizer. I know you're not dosing enough, unless you buy in 4L bottles and have a fat wallet. Your CO2 is low (shoot for a pH of 6.2 or 6.0), up your traces to 10mL every other day. This should help with your staghorn and plant issues.
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