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Looking for some advice getting better growth out of my Hygrophila 'Araguaia', I've always struggled with it. In general, this tank has some GSA issues too, but all my other plants are doing well (MC, rotala's, pearlweed, erio's, marsilia)
Here's my parameters and maintenance specs:

20g (UNS 60U), TwinstarSP600 - 7 hrs, Pressurized CO2 injection, aquasoil.
50% weekly water change, if I have the time I will do a second water change mid week as well. Dosing excel after water a water change.
Dosing micros once a week, at levels comparable to Flourish comp (DIY from CMS-B mixed in excel)g
GH 5-6, KH 2-3
Osmocote root tabs, replenished every 3 months or so.
No water column macro dosing, nitrates are near zero, phosphates are near 0.25.

I have tried a few different adjustments in dosing, but no luck correcting my GSA or growth issues. I tried the following for 4 weeks each:
1) Weekly dosing of 1ppm PO4, 5 ppm K, micros
2) Weekly dosing of 2.5 ppm NO3, 1ppm PO4, 5ppm K, micros
3) No dosing, only root tabs.
4) lower micros, no macros.

Let me know your thoughts!
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It does like low micros/Fe. Its probably a macro issue (mobile nutrients) because the new growth looks nice but its not able to properly sustain the older growth, which is why there's algae on it.

All those routines you listed are extremely low. I dont believe controsoil is all that rich to begin with. My suggestion would be try 5/2/10 NO3/PO4/K per week and see how that works. Micros might be alright.

Or you could try just raising PO4, that'd be my first guess at a most likely suspect...

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TwinstarS throws a good amount of light. I've got it mounted about 12in off the water surface.
Hmm.. honestly not sure. From the sound of your setup, it should be growing quite nicely, although the dosing sounds a bit low. Try beefing up your phosphate and nitrate. Nothing crazy (maybe double) and more importantly i think is to split your dosing into every other day instead of once per week. Eg. Monday trace, Tuesday NO3 and PO4, Wednesday trace, Thursday NO3, PO4.. etc. that’s how i ran mine and trimming the growth weekly was a real pain in the anus. I used a pill reminder container to store the weekly doses and it worked really nicely.

try to get a total weekly dose of
NO3 = 5 to 10ppm
PO4 = 3 to 5ppm
K = 10 to 15ppm
Fe (chelated) = .5ppm

I’m assuming it’s medium to heavily planted, which is why I’m recommending this. You will have to do partial water changes weekly to get rid of any excess.

i really do think that a bit more ferts and a daily dosing scheme vs weekly will make all the difference.
do you happen to have a pic of the tank?

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@burr740 @Seattle_Aquarist

Any tips for Hydrophilia sp. araguaia? Your guy's advice has always been helpful in the past!
Hi @Vinster8108

I agree with @burr740 it is likely one of the mobile nutrients. With the necrosis in the older leaves I would lean toward potassium but as Burr740 all of your levels are low and could be increased without issues. CSM+B has seven micro-nutrients while Seachem Comprehensive has 15 micro-nutrients, not really comparable. -Roy
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