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hygro corymbosa falling apart

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Ive asked this question before about this plant but now I have a pic.I have swords,lily,cabomba,ludwigia and apongentums as well,all but the apongentum are doing fine,the apongentum leaves are not holding up well params are
ph 6.8
gh 10
kh 4
nitrate 5-7
I am using fluorite substrate,I have 200 watts light on a 58 gal,I use fluorish,pottasium,cheleated iron for ferts,as well as excel.I do not have co2 injection.The problem with this cormbosa has been this way for 2 leaves look good middle aged ones get holy and older ones just fall off and float ,about 10-15 a day from 5 is a pic,any ideas woulb be very helpful,Im ready to throw this plant to the compost heap:icon_evil sorry the pic is sideways
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FWIW, I have about a dozen of these plants that do the very same thing. The top of my tank gets littered with leaves loaded with pin-holes.
The plants are thick and full, with lots of new stems, but the bottoms just deteriorate.
I too have the same plants.

What I did is just cut off the top part when they reach about a foot tall. Then new shoots will sprout out with new leaves. Mine shoot about 6 leaves a week.
thanks for the responses,They seem to grow well enough and there is a huge amount of root like strands coming from the stems.I just wish I could get the leaves to stay nice.I was told by a fella on this site a while back to use more pottasium,I have with maybe slightly better results.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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