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hydrocotyle tripartita

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I have a bunch of tripartita in my 220g and it is growing well. Several times I have reinserted a taller stem into the substrate so density is filling in, but the fact is this plant is really growing UP the whole time, with very little lateral growth. Maybe this is the way it always grows or maybe this is because it wants more light than reaches down 28" from my lights (I am guessing PAR is over 50-60, so I doubt it).

So to keep it as a foreground or groundcover type plant, is "mowing" the answer? Do I just trim this back hard and hope it fills in with more lateral shoots? Will I always be lopping off vertical growth?
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Cut up any vertical growing stolons between the nodes and plant each individual node back into the substrate.
I just got some of it myself, so I have been reading up on it but have no personal experience yet.... Anyway, I have seen in several places that they recommend "mechanical retardation". That just means that on a regular basis, you are supposed to take your hand and press the plant down onto the substrate - so pat it down by hand or get this guy to help out>>>:bounce:.....
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