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Hydrocotyle Tripartita in Windowsill Greenhouse

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Having torn down and sold away a 220-gallon planted tank, I thought I would give a try to an emersed growth of Hydrocotyle tripartita. I bought a Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse for $7.50 with free shipping on Amazon. It comes with 12 pellets, which expand into small peat pots after watering.

So here's a photo report:

Let's see how it all goes. :)
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It should grow just fine. I've got some that pretty much takes over all the pots in one end of my 55. I have to go through no less than once a month and clear it out to keep the crypts growing.
I hope so. Since the nights are still pretty chilly, I'm moving the container to a warmer area in the evenings and putting it back to the windowsill in the mornings.

I checked out your emersed set-up. I'd love to try C. nurii emersed as well.
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