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Hydra And Planaria In My Red Cherry Shrimp Tank

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I have nano tank 18 x 10 x 10 inch. It is heavily planted with plants. Stone and drift wood. I have DIY CO2.I have 11 Fire Red Shrimp.

They never eat, I added hikari food but they ignore it and never eat. After that I never added food.

Suddenly i saw hydra and planaria in my tank, due to that my shrimp hide always. May be that is the reason my shrimp never eat. Now I bought Fish Bendazole Forte Powder 250mg

Kindly somebody tell me that, how can I use that to remove hydra and planaria. I have heard that Fish Bendazole Forte Powder can kill red cherry shrimp, is it true ?

Please give me some good advice on it.
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It may kill the shrimp if you overdose it. Mix 100 mg in 100 ml water and dose 10 ml of mixture per gallon. Shake the mixture well before measuring it out. You can dose a little less if you want to be cautious. I have done this with no shrimp deaths. You can also play it safe and wait for a second opinion.
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Does this kill snails or copepods and ostracods?
I did not understand your question !!!
Copepods aren't really harmed by fenbendazole... The snails, it depends on what type.... harms mystery and nerite snails but ramshorns and bladder snails *might* be unaffected.

I used the 22.2% Fenbendazole, dosing 0.1 gram (or 100 mg) per 10 gallons.

Since the stuff you bought is 99%, it's 4 1/2 times stronger. To equal the same dosage, you would need to dose ~.02 grams (or 20 mg) per 10 gallons.

Got a gram scale by any chance???

After calculating it out, Turningdizzy has the right idea. If mixing 100 mg into 100 ml of water, I would dose 10ml for the entire tank. Wait 24 hours, while keeping an eye on ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, then try a second dose. Make sure there is plenty of aeration in the tank, too. 1 dose typically kills hydra, but 2-3 doses tend to kill all planaria.
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