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Hydor Prime 30 Filter

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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this filter from Hydor the model is the Prime 30 canister filter... It looks like its been discontinued by Hydor.

The reason I ask is that someone at work offered me his for $40.
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Until today, I was unaware that Hydor even made canister filters.

That is until I saw a Prime 30 on listed for $129.99. I decided to see if I could find some posts on them regarding their performance, however, there's not much.

One person said that some people love them while others hate them.

Another one said that it is very difficult to remove the top of the filter when it comes time to clean it, and that he broke the tops to a few of these filters when attempting to clean their media.

Someone else said the water flow was erratic; one day the filter would be flowing fine, while the next the filter's water flow was significantly reduced.

Anyway, this might be of some help to you in deciding, if you have not already purchased the 30 in question.
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