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UGH, black ghost knifes frustrated me.

The little guy died on me :(. I guess he wasn't eating or whatnot for me, I had just bought live blackworms to give him to get him going, but I guess I was too late *sigh*

I might get another one, but I know that the better fish to get would be an brown ghost knife....not the african knife fish (it works, I've had it before, but I'm generally over that species), but the brown ghost knife, which stays smaller and might be a better idea for this tank....although from what I've been told on MFK a BGK still works, and if I can't find a brown ghost knife I might just get another black one....but idk.

I'm doing water changes tonight and going to trim and replant the tops of some of my stems, mainly that left side with the ludwigia. That way, I can just get the tops growing, and I'll put the bottoms in the grow out 10 to form sideshoots which I will then put into this tank.

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So in a few days I am going to be getting new bulbs (because I needed them), a 5K and a 6.5K that will be on for 8 hours or so, with another 6.5K and a pink grow bulb on for 4 hours.

Also going to be getting another korelia 750, as I am not a fan of my level of flow for this tank in some areas. Also, going to be buying excel and doing the one-two punch on this tank too....just to kill off the last of the BBA in the tank (its on the back glass and equipment....its a pain) and try and keep everything in this tank in check.

Slowly increasing my co2 levels as well.....things are progressing but very slowly.

I also want to pick up two rainbows, either same species or different (if different, might be three so its a male and two females), and am growing out a small delhezi bichir and two more small congo tetras (they were $5 why not?) that will be going in here....eventually I'll maybe pick up another rope fish as well......maybe an african knife.....maybe a bushynose or two to help with diatoms. I don't know exactly, those are all just ideas.

For now I'm good on plants....I'll try and get a few more species later on.

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So finally, I make that update. Wasn’t feeling well last night so wasn’t worth typing this all up and uploading the pics and all.

I’ve made some additions to the tank. I was getting a lot of dead spots so I had to fix up my flow. Added another korelia 750 that I got in a trade for some plant clippings from a guy that used to keep it salt water…cleaned it off by just soaking it in a 1:1 thing of vinegar and tap water. Easier than scrubbing that’s for sure. Joraan, whom I recently met, told me how to set up my flow, although I slightly modified his idea with my own simply because I don’t think the flow on an Eheim is really worth its weight. Maybe excessive, probably. Does it work? Yes. So do I care? Nope, as long as it works :p

I kinda am too lazy to write out what is and what isn’t new…so I’m just going to post up the entire list of plants in this tank again. Also, got new light bulbs finally….my lighting now is 2 6500K Bulbs for 8 hours….and a pink grow bulb and a 5000K for 6 hours (should be 4 but….tbh I kinda don’t mind doing it like this if it helps things color up and all)

• Rotala Mexicana var. 'Goias'
o Partial carpet between R. sp. ‘Vietnam’ and S. repens
• Staurogyne repens
o Partial carpet
• Micrantherum umbrosum var. ‘Monte Carlo’
o Partial carpet in front of S. repens
• Hygrophila sp. ‘Araguaia’
o Partial carpet to the right of S. repens
• Eichhornia diversifolia
o In front of Wood #1
• Hygrophila pinnatifida
o In front of Wood #1
• Blyxa japonica
o In front of Wood #1 and #2
• Nesaea pedicellata – “Yellow Nesaea”
o In front of N. aquatic
• Cryptocoryne parva
o Edge of crypt ring
• Cryptocoryne nurii
o Crypt ring
• Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Green Gecko’
o Crypt ring
• Echinodorus sp. ‘Rose’
o Middle of crypt ring
• Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’
o Back of crypt ring
• Limnophia aromatica
o Right next to crypt ring
• Nymphaea micrantha
o Near crypt ring
• Rotala macrandra var. ‘Japan Red’
o In front of Wood #4
• Rotala sp. ‘Vietnam’
o Behind R. macrandra var. ‘Japan Red’
• Nymphoides aquatic – “Banana Plant”
o In front of right side of Wood #4
• Nymphaea stellata – “Dwarf Lilly”
o On top of N. aquatic
• Echinodorus angustifolia ‘Vesuvius’
o In front of N. aquatic
• Hygrophila polysperma var. ‘Sunset’
o In front of H. sp. ‘Brown’
• Echinodorus sp. ‘Aflame’
o In front of R. sp. ‘Sunset’
• Nymphaea zenkeri – “Red Tiger Lotus”
o In front of the gap of Wood #2
• Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Pantanal’
o In front of L. inclinata var. ‘Tornado’
• Micrantherum umbrosum
o In front of L. senegalensis
• Didiplis diandra
o In front of M. umbrosum
• Hydrocotyle tripartita – “H. ‘Japan’”
o To the right of Wood #6
• Vallisneria sp. ‘Leopard’
o Behind Wood #6
• Alternanthera reineckii var. ‘Rosaefolia’
o Back right corner
• Nesaea praetermissa – “Red Nesaea”
o Between P. stellatus and H. corymbosa
• Cryptocoryne crispatula var. flaccidifolia
o Allow to grow around back of crypt ring
• Cryptocoryne usteriana
o Keep in back of crypt circle
• Cryptocoryne sp. Wendtii Hybrid
o Said to grow tall
• Pogostemon stellatus var. 'Broad Leaf'
o In between N. praetermissa and A. reineckii
• Hygrophila corymbosa – “Giant Temple”
o Bordering back right of Wood #4
• Hygrophila corymbosa – “Kompact”
o Same as other variant
• Rotala sp. ‘Bangladesh’
o In between H. corymbosa and C. furcata
• Cabomba furcata – “Red Cabomba”
o Behind Wood #4, in-between A. madagascariensis and R. sp. ‘Bangladesh’
• Aponogeton ulvaceus
o Behind N. aquatic
• Aponogeton madagascariensis – “Lace Leaf”
o Behind N. aquatic
• Hygrophila sp. ‘Brown’
o Around A. madagascariensis
• Persecaria praetermissa 'Ruby'
o Behind Wood #2
• Myriophyllum tuberculatum – “Red Myrio”
o Behind Wood #2
• Proserpinaca palustris – “Mermaid Weed”
o In the gap of Wood #2
• Crinum calamistratum
o Behind Wood #1 and in front of Wood #3
• Hydrotriche hottoniiflora
o Keep to the right of Ludwigia forest
• Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin’
o Back right of Ludwigia forest
• Ludwigia glandulosa
o Back left of Ludwigia forest
• Ludwigia sp. ‘Atlantis’
o In front of L. sp. ‘Rubin’ and L. glandulosa
• Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Cuba’
o In front of L. sp. ‘Atlantis’
• Ludwigia inclinata var. 'Tornado'
o In front of L. inclinata var. ‘Cuba’
Wood #1
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Petite’
o Allow to carpet wood
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Micro’
o Allow to carpet wood
Wood #2
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Windelov’
o Allow to carpet top of wood
• Fissidens fontanus – Mini Fissidens
o Allow to cover wood
Wood #3
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Trident’
o Allow to carpet bottom of wood
• Fissidens fontanus – Mini Fissidens
o Allow to cover wood
Wood #4
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Nana’
o On wood
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Broad-Leaf’
o On wood
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Coffeefolia’
o On wood
• Anubias hastifolia
o On wood
Wood #5
• Bolbitis heudelotii var. ‘Mini’ – “Mini African Fern”
o Allow to cover wood
• Fissidens fontanus – Mini Fissidens
o Allow to cover wood
Wood #6
• Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’
o Let it grow huge
• Vesicularia montagnie – “Xmas Moss”
o Let it grow compact and bushy
• Lomariopsis sp. ‘Subwassertang’
o Allow to form a nice layer on stones and wood

Yah…that’s a lot of plants lol I still have a few more I want, and of course I need things to grow in. Gotta refill my co2 tomorrow though, thing ran out (sadface but also expectedface)

Joraan grows plants like nobodies business. Shout out to him, this aromatica came straight from him. 15 stems...I might actually thing it a tad because my crypts will need room to grow, as well as the sword, but they are fine like this for now :p

Found this at my LFS. Red Nessea. Picked it up because why not. Its getting brighter now and I have high hopes that this will do well for me. It seems really pretty. And will look great between the H. corymbosa and the P. stellatus (which is slowly coming around)

H. Japan in the background say what? I saw someone grow this up as a big bush….decided why not since someone gave me some extras. If I don’t like it, I can just let the A. reineckii take its place or the Leopard Val.

The Lagenandra has not looked super happy for me in a long, long time. But it is slowly becoming something, at least I hope so. If I come across this plant for sale again I might just buy a new one since its easier to grow healthy plants than wait for things to recover, but I don’t see it around often so I’ll work with this.

Some green gecko and nurii going on. Growing slowly but surely. I find crypts take a few months to get the ball rolling, but once they get rolling they are unstoppable forces….like Whitney’s Milktank (cool points for anyone who gets the reference)

Found more gold nessea (emersed grown) at my LFS…picked it up because mine seem to be stunted. Really, not realizing about my bulbs needing to be changed did a number on some of my plants…but they should bounce back in time.

Vietnam is doing well, Rotala macrandra is starting to do well (I always get a lot of melt when I first add it...hopefully this batch does well for me and I can propagate it myself. OTV if you are reading this, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS)

I like Madagascar Lace plant, but it does not like this tank, or this heat. I like to keep the tank closer to 76 degrees but with the summer its been higher than that which makes that plant angry. However, this Aponogeton should be better suited, and should look nice with the lace when that eventually comes back (the bulb is still there and healthy with new sprouts…its just being difficult)

Bought more of this too. Will be a good little weed once it gets going.

This was a surprise tbh. Pantanal is doing very well for me. Better than twisted and cuba so far, although I have fresh cuba elsewhere that I will transplant at some point in the next week or two. Got this from Joraan, and am very happy with the purchase.

I cut down all of my ludwiga’s though, because I feel that the best growth will come from the new growth in this tank, as opposed to how things where growing in other tanks that they where in before mine. Its all coming in slowly, the newer lights are helping though that’s for sure.

I still have some diatom issues though, but the added flow, and a little something else I’ll show, will make that a thing of the past soon enough.

Guys, what do you call a fish with no eyes?


I like cichlids. My cichlids like this tank. I am a happy person.

I like these, my mom doesn’t. She thinks they look drab…and compared to something like the EBJD or the Pearls she is right. But I like how the have complexity to their color, you have to look into it, and when you find it it is very nice. Might get 3 more of another variety though, as right now I’m at 4 of these, one of which is the dumpy one that, in terms of looks of the tank, doesn’t quiet count…it swims funny due to its body shape and probably should have been a cull earlier on. It also is having a fin problem so I’ll have to keep an eye on it. I hate to be that guy, but I might give it away to someone that would appreciate a fish with special needs more…but then again I might not, if he can keep up with the rest that’s fine but if not he will be rehomed.

Under rated gourami.

Seriously, these belong in every planted tank 55 gallons and over

I just like this shot. They haven’t been digging much and very few things get up rooted (well, new things get uprooted when they are planted in the corners of edges of the tank, but that’s expected with or without fish)

Dat fin

Hard to take a good picture of these guys…move too much.

Close enough

Baby delhezi Bichir. I got this little guy in china town…growing him out in my 10 gallon. Slowly but surely…he should be to size in a month or two…Got him mainly because my retropinnis is super shy and might like a friend more his species that isn’t as active as the sen. I might grab another ropefish at some point as well….but the single rope is actually doing very well so I might not.

Won these at an auction. 5 of them in fact, two growing out in my 10, three smaller ones growing out in my 5.5. Albino Blue Eye Bristlenose Plecos. These should put a nice dent in that GSA on the front glass and the detritus. They will go into the 75 once they are big enough where I feel the bichirs won’t try and be stupid.

In the 5.5…they will come with me to school as well and should be happy eating my algae in that tank for a few months or so. Then they can graduate to the 10 and then the 75.

His fins are starting to look nice. His color is very nice. Glad I got this guy when I did.

We where just talking about you. How’s it going dude? Good? That’s great.

The rope and Bichir like feeding time. They also have a soft spot for algae wafers….even though they are carnivorous (shrugs) Of course I feed them carnivorous foods as well but this works too.

That’s all for now. I just gotta keep dosing and feeding, and refill the co2. And for the grow outs….feeding and water changes will be my friend. Also, growing out some extra plants in there that are already in the 75…it’s a good strategy cause it helps me get more sideshoots of stems….keep the tops in the 75 to look good, keep the bottoms in the 10 to grow more sideshots that will become new tops. Works.

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One of these days, when the tank is full swing, I will use my mom's nice camera.

Also, LOL at my being a "guru" now. Pretty sure all I am is some guy that spends too much time on here and makes a few too many posts :p

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Slowly but surely, it looks like my yellow nessea is recovering and un-stunting.

A few curious things with my plant growth though...I notice that the leafs on my L. cuba and R. vietnam like to stay shorter than when I got them....the Cuba seems to be doing okay but the vietnam is doing well, changing to a nice reddish-orangy color as well...but idk if it having smaller growth is an issue or not. Might also have been stunting from when my lights weren't what they should've been.

My Blyxa is also looking meh...I feel some of my not as tall plants got stunted when I was stupid with the lights....I just hope it all recovers.

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Yah, so, I finally added the del to this tank...also, my T. ellioti died :(

I'll get some other cichlid to fill the void, but that will wait until I'm done with finals in like two weeks or so.

Plants are doing okay, gotta add more though, change some things around. I'm not liking having all the different lotus plants though, as they take over very quickly and shade everything. I'm going to think of new places to put them in the tank, or possibly remove some all together.

Also, co2 ran out while I was away, so BBA took over, tank is totally not pic worthy atm. I'll be killing off my algae problem soon. Running the lights on this tank for only 4 hours the next few weeks, just due to lack of co2 and excess of algae.

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Guess who managed to somehow kill off a ton of BBA? This guy...that's who. Also doesn't hurt that I'm now running a Vecton 600 UV sterilizer. Its cleared the tank up a lot, but the algae battle isn't over yet. Also STILL getting more plants into this tank and waiting on some fish to grow out (but I did add the last two L144's (the bristle nose plecos) recently so thats nice).

Debating on if its worth getting more bristle nose plecos...they seem to be slow-ish growers.

Trying my hand at erios....with cichlids....god I'm crazy but theoretically it should work. In fact, the plants that do have issues only have issues due to larger fish disturbing them before they make good roots. I know erios are thick rooted plants, so I know once they settle they will be golden. The downi should also work the same. Realistically, if I was starting a new tank with these kinds of fish, I'd get the plants growing before having the fish, but I had the fish before I was into planted tanks so it can't be helped.

Minus my thinking that top anubias is not petite, the rest of the anubias here is growing fine now that the algae is clearing.

And someone was feeling a nice bright blue

Biggest of the three is still small but, is growing. I do like these a lot as I love the idea of an easy to see pleco in this tank.

A buddy gave me this P. erectus. Idk if I like it in this tank, but for now I need the plant mass so for now it stays. I might remove a large chunk of it or find some other place for it later one though.

Lace plant is slowly growing back, but should look nice poking out of this driftwood when it gets bigger. The mermaid weed is looking sad though...I need more of it eventually.

Now, this is where some will very much think I'm out there with my plant choice. After I get this S. repens to grow in, I might have it work as a frame for some other plant species. I'm thinking Blood Vomit or MC3...of course, I'd wait until the summer when I'm more around to do either species since they are delicate and a little more expensive. But if I got that to work, it'd be super sweet.

I also wish my phone took better pics, as this is much redder/pinker/brighter in person. I gotta trim this down though so that the Brown behind it can actually be seen, and look a little more even.

Linderia India is here (curtsy of sjb1987) and the Vietnam is doing alright. I think its Vietnam at least, but I am unsure as it does get a little more red/orange than I thought vietnam could get.

Cichlid mania

Rainbow cichlids are still super underrated.

And ropes are still adorable.

And 8 congos is very, very nice

Rainbows are also very pretty fish

Corymbosa is also a very pretty plant. There was some compact I had here, but I think the regular out competed it. Either way, its not leggy when trimmed and kept up with, and since its placed as it is, its not an issue.




And you, stop being so dose garn camera shy

Yah, I like my EBJD in a planted tank.

Someone, tell me why these are not more popular? Just look at it, there is NOTHING drab or boring about this fish.


Albino bichir is still cool

As is delhezi (who is growing fast)

And this guy just happened to be in a very goofy pose.

Sadly, the retropinnis is still super shy, and I have more plants to add to this, but progress is progress, and I'm glad that the algae is subsiding.

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UGH, so I was halfway through posting an update on this thread and guess what, my browser freezes and I have to restart….so I’m pre-writing my post via word and am going to copy/paste because UGH

So anyways, as far as fish go, it’s the same as before, but I added a male Bristlenose and should be adding a long fin albino female tomorrow. Possibly a Pictus too pending on its size and likelihood of becoming Bichir food.

I’ll post the list of plants I have after doing the pictures, because its probably a nuisance for those who just want to look at pics to see a wall of text right away.

Syganthus belem is a larger plant than I initially thought. I thank Joraan for talking me into grabbing this species, I feel like it will work very nicely right where I have it, since I’d be wanting to keep it shorter anyways to show off the tops of the stem.

Barthog had a special on erios….I couldn’t resist. Parkeri in the front is the small one, but man am I excited for that compressum. I had to pull it apart as it was all one mass at first, and then I trimmed off the bad leafs, but from seeing Barr’s tank, I can say I’m excited for these to grow nice and thick.

Ludwigia brevippis sneaking out the wood. Also spheracopa in front of the wood and Cuphae. I only have small stubs of Hygro araguaia in here now, but I have some I’m adding as soon as they convert to submerged for me. Might also add an Aflame sword over the summer.

Ludwigia species are an addiction. Its going to be interesting differentiating them after some time has passed, but this is why I keep really, really good records of what I plant where.

This is also going to become a very colorful area for sure.

Mermaid weed and Lace plant popping out the top of this wood will look really cool. I know lace likes getting large, so I figure this is a way to let it do its thing while also letting it be a little more reeled in.

Ulvaceus is there, died back but is sprouting again. There is also a Marble Queen as that leaf type will look cool behind the sunset Hygro. I moved the brown to the front since the sunset was blocking it, and to be honest I like the look more like this, and it makes more sense since sunset just grows faster.

Some shoreweed framed by S. repens. I’d love for this to carpet, but if not, I’ll try something else, maybe Monte Carlo. Or blood vomit if I’m feeling really crazy and wild.

Lots of Rotala here and Hygro. Also some S. Bihar in front of the corymbosa now, I want to let that grow tall as well so that it can get that orange color. Seems like a really cool plant.

Surprised that the Red Ammania is growing for me. New growth isn’t really red but that’s okay, still looks cool. Also have some narrow leaf Stellatus behind the Limno now, so that’s fun.

EBJD, listen, I just want to show a nice pic of the variegated Althernathera. You aren’t the star of the show okay?

FINEEEEEE, you can be the star right here, alright? Good.

The Lagenandra went on an adventure around the tank for a while when I was gone so, that’s why it looks so BLEH. Should stay in place now. More importantly, that variegated looks sick. Can’t wait for it to grow nice and big.

Got this from a LFS. Not sure what it is…but I like it.

All that green is Repens x Arcuata. There is also Repens hiding somewhere in this area, but whatever. It will become more apparent to others what Ludwigia is here as they grow towards the light and get their colors.

The nice thing about L144 and albino fish, are that they are pretty easy to see. The male has a nice head but good luck finding him in a spot where he sticks out sigh

I suck at picture taking but whatever. Awesome congos are awesome regardless of my picture quality.

So blurry, ugh

Woah, throwback. I guess this says a lot about my progress, being that this picture is from when I first decided to go planted. This was like, 2.5-3 years ago.

And this, explains a lot. As in, my BBA problem. For a frame of reference, this was a week or two after Sandy had it, and it devastated my tanks. This one especially, never got a real complete overhaul, since there were always some fish still alive in this tank. Probably not best to turn an established tank into a planted tank without resetting the tank, but hey, its taken some time but I’m finally getting the hang of this craziness.

Nostalgia fest done. Here’s the plant list as it is now.

Rotala mexicana var. 'Goias'
• Behind S. repens
Staurogyne repens
• Partial carpet
Littorella uniflora
• Partial carpet in front of S. repens
Hygrophila sp. ‘Araguaia’
• Partial carpet to the right of S. repens

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Green Gecko’
• Crypt ring
Cryptocoryne nurii
• Crypt ring
Cryptocoryne becketii petchii
• Crypt ring
Cryptocoryne x willisii
• Edge of crypt ring
Ammania pedicellata – “Yellow Nesaea”
• In front of N. aquatic
Eriocaulon cinereum/compressum
• Back of Erio grouping
Eriocaulon parkeri
• In front of Erio grouping
Syngonanthus sp. “Belem”
• In front of Wood #1

Ammania praetermissa
• Directly behind crypt ring
Echinodorus sp. ‘Rose’
• Middle of crypt ring
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’
• Crypt ring
Cryptocoryne wendtii - “Red/Brown Crypt”
• Crypt ring
Limnophila aromatica
• Right next to crypt ring
Rotala macrandra var. “Mini Butterfly”
• Behind Limnophilia rugosa
Limnophilia rugosa
• Next to Wood #5
Rotala sp. ‘Vietnam’
• In front of Wood #4
Rotala mexicana var. ‘Araguaia’
• Left of R. sp. ‘Vietnam’
Rotala wallichii
• Left of R. mexicana var. ‘Araguaia’
Nymphaea micrantha
• In front of R. sp. ‘Vietnam’
Nymphoides aquatic – “Banana Plant”
• In front of right side of Wood #4
Hygrophila polysperma var. ‘Sunset’
• Back of left Hygro group
Hygrophila pinnatifida
• Between H. Brown and H. Sunset
Hygrophila sp. ‘Brown’
• Front of left Hygro group
Murdannia sp. 'Red'
• Left of H. sp. ‘Brown’
Persecaria kawagoeanum
• In front of Wood #3
Cuphea anagallidea
• In front of Wood #2
Aponogeton madagascariensis – “Lace Leaf”
• In the gap of Wood #2
Proserpinaca palustris – “Mermaid Weed”
• In the gap of Wood #2
Ludwigia palustris
• In the gap of Wood #2
Ludwigia sphaerocarpa
• In-between Wood #1 and Wood #2
Ludwigia sp. ‘Red’
• Behind L. arcuata and L. senegalensis
Ludwigia brevipes
• In front of L. sp. ‘Red’
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Pantanal’
• Behind L. arcuata and L. senegalensis
Ludwigia arcuata
• Behind L. inclinata var. ‘Pantanal’
Ludwigia senegalensis
• Front of genus

Vallisneria sp. ‘Leopard’
• Behind Wood #6
Alternanthera reineckii var. “Variegated”
• Back right corner
Cryptocoryne sp. Wendtii Hybrid
• If so, use to frame crypt sp. group
Nymphaea stellata – “Dwarf Lilly”
• Next to H. corymbosa
Pogostemon stellatus var. 'Needle Leaf'
• Behind L. aromatica
Hygrophila corymbosa – “Giant Temple”
• Bordering back right of Wood #4
Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’
• In front of H. corymbosa
Cabomba furcata – “Red Cabomba”
• Behind Wood #4
Echinodorus cordifolius var. “Tropica Marble Queen”
• Behind H. polysperma var. ‘Sunset’
Aponogeton ulvaceus
• Behind Hygrophila polysperma var. ‘Sunset’
Myriophyllum mattogrossense var. ‘Red’
• In front of E. sp. “Marble Queen”
Persecaria praetermissa 'Ruby'
• Behind Wood #2
Myriophyllum tuberculatum – “Red Myrio”
• To the right of Ludwigia forest
Crinum calamistratum
• Behind Wood #2 and in front of Wood #4
Ludwigia sp. ‘Unknown’
• Request ID (maybe repens x arcuata?)
• Back of right of genus
Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin’
• Back left of genus
Ludwigia sp. ‘Atlantis’
• In front of L. sp. ‘Unknown’
Ludwigia repens x arcuata
• In front of L. sp. ‘Unknown’
Ludwigia repens
• In front of L. sp. ‘Atlantis’
Ludwigia sp. ‘Pink Ovalis’
• In front of L. sp. ‘Rubin’
Ludwigia inclinata var. 'Tornado'
• In front of L. sp. ‘Pink Ovalis’

Wood #1
• Fissidens fontanus – Fissidens
o Allow to carpet wood
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Petite’
o Allow to carpet wood
Wood #2
• Fissidens fontanus – Fissidens
o Allow to carpet wood
• Riccardia chamedryfolia – “Mini Pellia”
o Allow to look like coral
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Windelov’
o Allow to carpet top of wood
Wood #3
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Trident’
o Allow to carpet bottom of wood
Wood #4
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Nana’
o On wood
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Broad-Leaf’
o On wood
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Coffeefolia’
o On wood
• Anubias hastifolia
o On wood
Wood #5
• Bucephalandra sp. “Brownie Red”
o On wood
• Bolbitis heudelotii var. 'Mini'
o On wood
• Taxiphyllum sp. “Flame”
o On wood
Wood #6
• Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’
o Let it grow large

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FTS, as per usual. Probably should have wiped the front glass…too lazy.

EBJD is still the king of the tank. I wonder if that will change as the EBA grows…that will be an interesting dynamic.

Some algae and nastiness yes, but I’d say this has grown since I had to trim it down a little.

iPhone 5s takes much nicer pics than my old phone.

Mini Pellia is slowly growing.

S. sp. Bihar…such a good decision to buy. Kind of tempted to let this replace the H. corymbosa but I like both plants for different reasons. Also, plants like this are giving me horrible and beautiful ideas for what I’d do with a bigger high tech tank. One day, one day…

L. rugosa. Surprised I don’t see this ever, I’m enjoying it quite a lot.

So pretty

Bichir and P. stellatus narrow leaf. I’m liking this plant a lot. I removed the L. aromatica from in front of it to let this plant shine more (also to maybe add more another crypt or two…I’m looking at that flamingo AaronT) L. aromatica is still in the tank though, behind the second piece of wood from the left.

Myrio “Red”. I’m hoping as it grows taller it will get a brighter red, but if not, I’m still happy with this plant.

So L. senegalensis and Pantanal like this tank, as they grew tall and had to be trimmed down and replanted. This section is a mess, sure, and I need more Pink and more Twisted, but man this section is making me happy because its all growing. I THINK there is some regular repens and regular palustris somewhere in this mess but man its going to be hard to find. Atlantis is doing well, as is the Arcuata, Brevipis, Arcuata x Repens, and the other Arcuata x Repens that is actually red, thicker, and looks different. Oh, and Rubin is pretty awesome as well, and Red is a nice place holder.

I only have 2 stems of the pink but…it will soon grow to be a little more noticeable. I might remove some of the Red as this grows out more. Its going to be fun balancing all the Ludwigia species and varieties I have going on in this area. Again, this is one of those moments that is giving me ideas for how I’d do a bigger tank.

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I'm home for the summer now, I've made some minor changes, but the most exciting change is that the Electric Blue Acara is now in this tank and seems to be getting along with everyone!

So glad that the EBJD has decided that the little blue guy is cool lol. The leopard ctnepoma will be added to the tank soon as well.

Next post will update the stock list of fish and plants and have a bunch of pictures!

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Tank is coming along now, I’m satisfied with its progress. Still dealing with some algae but its not on the plants so its not the worst. Gotta put in some new bulbs soon and gotta put a new bulb into the UV sterilizer, and gotta really do a nice trim on the left side (like a HUGE one) but its looking good to me. Here is an update on what is currently in the tank. Some new plants, and FINALLY ADDED THAT ACARA (whom I will know refer to as the EBA).

• Current Fish
• Herotilapia multispinosa – “Rainbow Cichlid” x2
• Acarichthys heckelii – “Threadfin Acara” x2
• Rocio octofasciata – “Electric Blue Jack Dempsey”
• Aequidens sp. ‘Electric Blue’
• Trichopodus leerii – “Pearl Gourami” x3:3
• Melanotaenia splendida australis – “Australian Rainbow fish” x4
• Phenacogrammus interruptus - “Congo Tetra” x6
• Polypterus senegalus – “Senegal Bichir”
• Polypterus retropinnis
• Polypterus delhezi
• Erpetoichthys calabaricus – “Rope fish”
• Ancistrus sp. “Albino Blue Eye Bristlenose L144” x0:1
• Ancistrus sp. “Brown Bushy Nose” x1:0
• Melanoides tuberculata - “Trumpet Snail”

• Current Plants
o Rotala mexicana var. 'Goias'
o Limnophila sp. ‘Vietnam Mini’
o Staurogyne repens
o Alternanthera reineckii var. “Variegated”
o Littorella uniflora
• Foreground
o Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Green Gecko’
o Cryptocoryne nurii
o Cryptocoryne becketii petchii
o Cryptocoryne x willisii
o Lobelia cardinalis var. 'Dwarf'
o Eriocaulon parkeri
o Pogostemon helferi
o Syngonanthus sp. “Belem”
• Mid-Ground
o Echinodorus sp. ‘Rose’
o Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’
o Cryptocoryne sp. Wendtii Hybrid
o Cryptocoryne wendtii - “Red/Brown Crypt”
o Rotala macrandra var. “Mini Butterfly”
o Limnophila rugosa
o Rotala sp. ‘Vietnam’
o Rotala mexicana var. ‘Araguaia’
o Rotala wallichii
o Nymphaea micrantha
o Nymphoides aquatic – “Banana Plant”
o Hygrophila polysperma cv. ‘Sunset’
o Hygrophila pinnatifida
o Ammania pedicellata – “Yellow Nesaea”
o Ammania praetermissa
o Hygrophila sp. ‘Brown’
o Murdannia sp. 'Red'
o Myriophyllum mattogrossense var. ‘Red’
o Cabomba furcata – “Red Cabomba”
o Proserpinaca palustris – “Mermaid Weed”
o Pogostemon stellatus var. 'Needle Leaf'
o Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata cv. ‘Pantanal’
o Ludwigia sp. ‘Red’
o Ludwigia arcuata
o Ludwigia senegalensis
o Ludwigia brevipes
o Persecaria kawagoeanum
o Cuphea anagalloidea
o Ludwigia sphaerocarpa
o Aponogeton madagascariensis – “Lace Leaf”
• Background
o Cryptocoryne crispatula var. ‘Balansae’
o Aponogeton ulvaceus
o Nymphaea stellata – “Dwarf Lilly”
o Echinodorus cordifolius cf. “Tropica Marble Queen”
o Hygrophila corymbosa – “Giant Temple”
o Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’
o Rotala mexicana var. ‘Bangladesh’
o Vallisneria spiralis cv. ‘Leopard’
o Myriophyllum tuberculatum - 'Red Myrio'
o Limnophila aromatica
o Crinum calamistratum
o Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin’
o Ludwigia repens x arcuata
o Ludwigia sp. ‘Atlantis’
o Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata cv. 'Twisted’
o Ludwigia ovalis var. ‘Pink’
o Cardamine lyrata
• Hardscape
o Wood #1
• Fissidens fontanus – Fissidens
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Petite’
o Wood #2
• Fissidens fontanus – Fissidens
• Riccardia chamedryfolia – “Mini Pellia”
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Windelov’
o Wood #3
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Needle’
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Trident’
o Wood #4
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Nana’
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Broad-Leaf’
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Coffeefolia’
• Anubias hastifolia
o Wood #5
• Bucephalandra sp. “Brownie Red”
• Bolbitis heudelotii var. 'Mini'
• Taxiphyllum sp. “Flame”
• Bolbitis heudelotii
o Wood #6
• Bucephalandra sp. “Black Titan”
• Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’

As you can see…I think its safe to say I might have a “problem” coughcollectoritiscough

Anyways, enough of that, picture time.

Full tank shot, I should wipe the front glass, I’ll be doing that on Sunday with the water change and the trimming.

Here you can see the Littorella (its melting a little but I hope it hangs in there and grows because I think it would look really cool there, I’d replant runners every now and then to make a bushier apperanace. It was emersed grow so its transitioning) the downi, which is doing surprisingly well and NOT being uprooted or anything, and the E. parkeri that I’m working on (most of my original parkeri melted sigh) and the Belem that also had a bit of a problem while I was at school, but I’m confident will grow back/was doing well for me so I might buy more if I get tired of waiting on it to grow out.

Too…many….species. Here is just, a lot of things. My Ludwigia collection, and other misc. stem plants. Growing the stuff that is chilling in the piece of driftwood out, and the mini Pellia is growing well for me. I just need to find where my fishing-line went to tie it down better.

Aromatica was not happy at first with being moved but it looks much better now and I’m confident it will bush out and look super nice in this spot.

Sphaerocarpa is green for me, but growing well and giving me sideshoots. I’m going to use more of this in the foreground as well, let it fill out nice and thick. The Cuphea is doing alright as well, added more and wanting to make it a nice little bush. Slowly, but surely. The kawagoeanum is a real weed of a plant…I want to remove some of it and replace it with Sao Paulo, just to have a bit of both around.

I removed the stems I had growing here and placed them elsewhere in the tank. I think it looks better like this. I’ll keep this side to just crypts, the Aponogeton ulvaceus which is growing out after having went dormant, and swords. I also have the Black Titan and the Lagenandra over here, both of which I hope will become real monsters, as well as the tissue culture Balansae I picked up not too long ago.

Seriously, why is N. micrantha not more popular?



Surprisingly, mini butterfly managed to survive and stay red…despite being uprooted and super shaded….going to let it grow out, form sideshoots, get tall, and be awesome looking.

H. Brown is a weed. I need to trim it, I have a friend who wants to buy more of it from me, its all good.

I managed to convert emersed grown Limnophilia Vietnam mini into its submerged form…now I’m letting it fill out since it seems like it’s a really pretty plant…also doesn’t hurt that it seems fairly rare.

These guys are fine.

Rainbow cichlids…great fish. Color really depends on mood, they are more yellow when they are the dominant fish.

This guy is the current dominant fish.

Rainbows…I think they might be two separate varieties but I’m not 100% sure. They all get along fine though.

No this isn’t from the co2, they just seem to do this in unison from time to time. Really a great looking fish, highly recommended for anyone’s aquariums.

I got a decent shot of a congo tetra…huzzah


Despite this guy, who for whatever reason does not care that the EBA is in the tank.

Despite the size difference…the EBA is very good at hiding around, but he comes in full force come feeding time and does not shy away from the food. I’m excited to see him grow out.

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I like the fact that you think of your tank as a FISH tank first and everything comes later. It's a cool difference from most others on here, including myself :p

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I like the fact that you think of your tank as a FISH tank first and everything comes later. It's a cool difference from most others on here, including myself :p

I started with fish and the tank was set up like 7 years ago strictly as a fish tank for my cichlids and other larger fish. The albino bichir was in the tank since that era.

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love the blue fishy :tongue:
Haha, thanks :p

Which one? The big one is the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, the smaller one (which will eventually be about the same size) is the Electric Blue Acara.

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very cool tank, ecclectic collection of fish to say the least! And your list of plants is really cool.

This tank must be a lot of fun to just sit in front of and watch. I am not sure if it has been covered or not, but do the cichlids eat the plants at all? Do you just keep them nice and fat so they don't go after the veggies?

On another note, I am seriously considering getting congo's for my tank. They are really beautiful.

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what do you feed your fish?
Variety of things. I like hikari a lot, I mix up the varieties, I also feed misc. frozen foods, and freeze dried krill.

I always try to have some vegetable matter for the fish as well, just picked up Hikari Excel which should be good. Biogold and staple and all that other stuff is more or less interchangeable for me.
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