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I seem to have lost an angel in the past day or two :\. The others look fine, but I really hope they grow FAST lol. I'll probably be picking up a few more angels as well, no more than 3.

I'm still debating about the whole knife fish thing, and I'm still needing to fix up some plants and such. I also have brand new pincettes that I'm eager to use, those should make planting stems WORLDS easier.

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Really? I find planting with my fingers in a 300g isn't to bad. It's only when I need to trim that I need to use my forceps

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Really? I find planting with my fingers in a 300g isn't to bad. It's only when I need to trim that I need to use my forceps
While thats true, I feel like I made a mess of things with my fingers when it comes to stems and such. Larger plants I do by hand, because that is easier.

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co2 should be running within the week. I'm super excited for that.

A few little things I want to mention before massive updates when I get new plants in. I removed the cabomba cause it was just angering me in this tank and didn't look good in the slightest. Never really wanted it in this tank but I didn't want to throw it out either, but I tossed it anyways. I have more where that came from regardless.

I also removed the jungle val from my 10 gallon since it was throwing runners and I figured it would be less of a hassle in this tank. If it does well, I'll let it stay (I have it behind the L. meeboldii) or I will replace it with a different variety of Jungle Val (like the red one or the tiger stripe)

I'm kind of wondering if I should have anything growing on the rocks in my tank, and if so, what? Minus the big rock with the L. meeboldii, the others are just sitting there. I feel like, as they are, they would look odd once a carpet gets started and once there are stems and more vertical features in the tank. I'm just not sure what I'd want to grow on there.

Maybe a java fern variety that isn't Windelov? Maybe some kind of pellia or other moss? Maybe tie some dwarf riccia or HC down on it?

I'm also debating what I should do with the myro I have. I moved it to behind the piece of wood on the right, cause idk where else to throw it. To be perfectly honest, I like the leaf shape and all but I feel like this particular species is kinda bland for a tank that is going to have a lot of colorful stems in it. I'm thinking of maybe throwing P. erectus or stellata there, or even just a different myro species (one that I could actually sell perhaps). Any ideas would be great.

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Herotilapia multispinosa – “Rainbow Cichlid” x3
Pterophyllum scalare - “Blue Leopard Angels” x3
Trichopodus leerii – “Pearl Gourami” x3:3
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri – “Endli Bichir”
Polypterus senegalus – “Senegal Bichir”

my current list of fish, just as a reminder. I'm hoping to add 3 more angels to the tank this coming week, and eventually another cichlid species and a black ghost knife or african brown knife.

Glossotigma elatinoides – “Glosso”
Cryptocoryne parva
Hygrophila pinnatifida (NEW)
Cryptocoryne sp. – “Green Gecko” (NEWISH)
Cryptocoryne usteriana (NEWISH)
Nymphoides aquatic – “Banana Plant”
Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus” (NEWISH)
Nymphaea micrantha – “Green Tiger Lotus” (NEWISH)
Echinodorus sp. – “Rose Sword”
Rotala macrandra – “Japan Red” (NEW)
Ludwigia senegalensis (NEW)
Rotala sp. wallichii – “Wallichii”
Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’- “Pink Lagenandra”
Echinodorus sp. – “Red Rubin Sword”
Hygrophila corymbosa – “Giant Temple”
Hygrophila sp. ‘Brown’ (NEW)
Vallisneria americana – “Jungle Val” (NEW)
Limnophia aromatica (NEW)
Proserpinaca palustris – “Mermaid Weed” (NEW)
Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin’ (NEWISH)
Ludwigia glandulosa (NEW)
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Red’ {I think that's its name, going to double check} (NEW)
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Cuba’ x3 (NEW)
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Pantanal’ x3 (NEW)
Myriophyllum heterophyllum (MOVED)
Wood #1
Anubias barteri – “Petite Anubias”
Wood #2
Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern Windelov”
Wood #4
Anubias barteri - “Anubias Nana” x1
Anubias barteri - “Coffeefolia” x2
Anubias barteri - “Broad-Leaf Anubias” x2

Lysimachia nummularia (REMOVED)
Cabomba caroliniana (REMOVED)
Egeria najas (REMOVED)

I don't think I posted (or really took) any pictures showing these plants that I removed, but w/e. Anyways, as you can tell, I added a LOT of new plants into this tank today. Again, shout out to Barthog for this lot of plants. I still have another shipment of plants coming later this week, as well as the diffuser for tank. My co2 will also be up veryyyyy shortly. I also threw in my drop checker, although I'm not sure I set it up right.......

Anyways, I'm going to quickly go area by area to show what I've put where and why (just explaining the new things).

So, over here I put in some Green Gecko and C. usteriana. I'm aiming to make a sort of ring or square of various crypt species and varieties around the small Rose Sword in the middle, which will grow much larger in due time. I also placed my N. micrantha back here as well, since I feel the color worked in this area, and that the whole lilly idea works well throughout my tank (since I have three different lilly species, figured I'd divide them up throughout the tank instead of having them very close to each other). This should look a lot nicer once the crypts grow in and I get some other types of crypts as well, and the lilly will look amazing once it too gets some growth going. I'm thinking that it won't grow terribly tall but will still get some nice height and definitely spread out more.
Behind that, I have some L. aromatica going on. All of the new stems still have to straighten themselves out, so they will all look better once that happens. I'm wanting these guys to become a nice dense grouping that separates the crypts from the L. meeboldii. Since the L. meeboldii is so tall, I figure I can let the L. aromatica grow tall as well, but just so tall as to hide most of the stalk of the other plant, but still let its leafs be very visible.

Behind the L. meeboldii I threw this jungle val that had been growing in my 10 gallon. Figured this plant would be better fit for a tank this size, and I figured as well that Jungle val would be a nice contrast from the dark color of the L. meeboldii and would also make the back of the plant look nicer, filling in the empty space between the leafs of that plant.

My anubias nana varients are growing back slowly but surely. The H. corymbosa is growing well behind it, and I like the color that its leafs are. I'm going to let this grow very tall, which will shade the anubias a bit. In front of the anubias I put R. macrandra 'Japan', since I figure that I'd like the look of this plant to be a bit shorter anyways, and that its eventual bright red color would pop and draw a person's eyes towards the anubias. Of course, I'd trim it so that you could see the anubias as well.

My Banana is doing fine as always, and constantly showing signs of growth everywhere. Behind it is the Rubin Sword, which seems to be adjusting and growing ever so slowly. Growth will be faster once I clean my top glass and once I get co2 in here. Wedge between my Rubin and the wood is the H. sp. 'Brown'. I figured that it would look nice with the sword, and would be interesting to compare side by side with the H. corymbosa, since both seem to be capable of attaining similar sizes.

My Java Fern, looking sad as always. I hope the addition of co2 will do something for this plant, since I really like the windelov variety.

To the left of this picture is my patch of C. parva, which I am hoping to expand and make thicker. However, this shows my H. pinnatifida quiet nicely. I'm going to let this spread out and grow a little vertical, but nothing too crazy. I'm going to be putting something nice to the right of this plant as well.

Okay, so this mess (with my gourami's blocking it) is going to become a forest. Buried underneath everything are two Madagascar Lace bulbs, that I'm hoping will grow huge leafs that just kinda do whatever they want to do. To the back of this picture, closer to the bigger piece of wood, is where my Mermaid Weed is. Its already super thick, and I can't wait to see what this plant is like once it grows up, gets even thicker, and gets really really really RED. I predict this is going to be a plant I am VERY happy with.

The rest of the plants are different ludwigia species and varieties. This shot was taken from the side of the tank, but the way it looks from the front is that I have L. glandulosa in the back right corner, with L. 'Rubin' to its right on the other side of the filter intake.
In front of both of them is a single stem of L. inclinata 'Red?' that I am waiting on a better ID for. Its the one with a bright red stem and lime green leafs. In front of that is some L. inclinata 'Cuba', which I am going to let grow tall and colorful. In front of that is L. inclinata 'Pantanal', which is redder and smaller but still similar looking. In front of that, is L. senegalensis, which I am hopping will also get super red for me in due time. I have some other Ludwigia's that I am going to have going on in this area at some point, and I am going to be thickening out the ones I do have now as they all grow as well.

I'm probably going to wind up replacing the R. wallichi in here with either a different Rotala or with some Ludwigia, but I will see how that plays out when I get the last of my plants in.

More of my senegalnsis.


Different Inclinata variations

I put my Red Tiger lotus in this area as well. Here is the lace trying to stick out. I might have to thin out some of the stems in this area if the Lace doesn't do well.

That's all for now. I'm willing to bet that I'm going to have to replant some of these stems a few times before they root really well, but this stuff is going to look so good when it all grows in and spreads and all.

I'll update this again in a few days once my co2 is running and my other order gets here and is planted. And by then, I should have cleaned my glass tops finally :p

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Hey, my stems are already straightening out AND only like 1 or two of them got uprooted and are floating. This is boding well for me :p

Also, filled my co2 tank today and found out that one of my plants was mislabeled by me. The thing I was calling L. inclinata 'Red' is actually Rotala sp. 'Bangladesh' I just need to figure out where I want to put it (since that area I just want ludwigia in).

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I got more plants......I'll post the updated stock list later (or just write what is new.....whatever is easier for me).
These things are nice, but I'm done getting plants for until spring break.

Getting the last of my winter fish 2morrow as well.

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Thanks, I wanna try and get 3 more of the same or similar.

Someone told me they are Pinoy Zebras....either way I just like them.

I prefer pattern over color generally.

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Update.....2morrow......too tired now and there's alot more to update on this tank than there is for my 10 :p

For now, I'll just reiterate my stock list.

Current Fish/Inverts
• Herotilapia multispinosa – “Rainbow Cichlid” x3
• Pterophyllum scalare - “Pinoy Zebra Angels” x3
• Trichopodus leerii – “Pearl Gourami” x3:3
• Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri – “Endli Bichir”
• Polypterus senegalus – “Senegal Bichir”
• Planorbis rubrum – “Ramshorn Snail”

o Foreground
• Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Green Gecko’
• Glossotigma elatinoides – “Glosso”
• Blyxa japonica
• Hygrophila pinnatifida
• Unknown plant
• Cryptocoryne parva
o Mid-Ground
• Cryptocoryne usteriana
• Echinodorus sp. ‘Rose’
• Limnophia aromatica
• Rotala macrandra var. ‘Japan Red’
• Rotala sp. ‘Wallichii’
• Nymphoides aquatic – “Banana Plant”
• Rotala rotundifolia
• Hygrophila difformis – “Wisteria”
• Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus”
• Rotala sp. ‘Yao Yai’
• Ludwigia senegalensis
o Background
• Cabomba caroliniana – “Green Cabomba”
• Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’
• Nymphoides sp. ‘Taiwan’
• Echinodorus sp. ‘Red Rubin’
• Hygrophila corymbosa – “Giant Temple”
• Rotala sp. ‘Bangladesh’
• Hygrophila sp. ‘Brown’
• Proserpinaca palustris – “Mermaid Weed”
• Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin’
• Ludwigia glandulosa
• Ludwigia sp. ‘Atlantis’
• Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Cuba’
• Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Pantanal’
o Non-Substrate
• Hardscape
 Wood #1
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Petite’ x4
 Wood #2
• Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Windelov’
 Wood #3
• Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock’
 Wood #4
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Nana’ x1
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Coffeefolia/ x2
• Anubias barteri var. ‘Broad-Leaf’ x2

More fish are wanted and there are always more plants I wanna get, but so far I'm good with what I've got.

Very useful to have all of this and to have my ideas for what else to do in a word document :p

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Prefacing this. These pics range from everything from m last update until the most recent of pics.

Now, before anything, since this seems to get more traffic than my other journals, I've gotta ask.....what the hell is this?

I threw it from my 10 into this tank, after I discovered it had been living in my 10 gallon for nearly 2 months.....the tank had used some top soil which would have probably had some earthworm eggs in it, but I would have figured that they would have died or something a long time idk. I thought my rainbow cichlids would eat it but nope...the angels tried but it was too big for them so it ended up slinking down under my substrate, still very much idea what its doing now though.

Full tank shot. Finally starting to look like an actual planted aquarium :p

Tawain Lotus, interesting plant, but keeps getting uprooted so idk how well it will do. However, as can be seen in later pics, I trimed most of it away so that it would stay down better. Could be an interesting little addition.

Japan Red with Wallichi infront. Ignore the R. inundatus since it ultimately got scraped since it did not stay down very well for me. I might try it again in the future though. I will also, probably, replace Wallichi with something that looks very similar at some point, like vietnam or one of those other fine leafed rotala species. Just cause I already have wallichi in my 5.

My blyxa does not look quiet as nice now, since this is when it was brand new, but it took me a while to figure out how to get this thing to stay planted. I ended up putting the plants into some mesh and burying the mesh patch under the substrate. Seems to be working so far, now to just have my blyxa take over that part of the tank :p

What is this? It came with some Anubias petite, but it doesn't look like anubias petite. Any ideas? If I can figure out what it is, I can figure out what to do with it.

BBA sucks, but anubias is nice and everything behind the wood is excellent. I just gotta let the stuff in front thicken up a bit, its just C. parva and H. pinnatifidia. Should look good once that gets going better.

All the Ludwigia...and R. Yao Yai. Yao Yai is doing very well for me, to the point where I should probably trim it back soonish so that it looks in place with the Ludwigia species back here. Pantanal is being a pain, Cuba is starting to get going, and Atlantis and Rubin are both growing in green atm so its hard to tell them apart. I gotta clean the top glass still, and make sure my co2 is going alright.....but the colors these look like they can get seem fantastic. I'm gunna let these guys grow really really REALLY tall, since they are in the back and surrounded by tall wood, with super tall plants on the other side of the tank as well.

Failed attempt at getting HC to grow on my rocks. Going to try something else, maybe bucephalandra or some sort of odd looking moss or maybe even Trident Java Fern or Needle Leaf Java fern. Anyone have any interesting hardscape plant suggestions for these stones?

More of the ludwigia patch. The tiger lotus and mermaid weed are doing pretty well over here, and the lace plants seem to be doing just fine, although somehow there bulbs end up getting uprooted every now and then...but it should look cool once everything starts growing upwards, cause right now it seems super cluttered and condensed since everything is still about a foot shorter than I'd like for this tank :p

This is about a week later, maybe less.

You can see I trimed the tawian down. I guess with being more leaf than root it kept floating around. I also through in my cabomba, since it needed to be trimmed and I had no where else to put it. I kinda like it in this area in this tank though, and I think the green goes well to go against the aromatica and the lagenandra. Especially too since eventually my rose sword will grow larger and have some good color in it, and since I want to get an aflame sword or a blood vomit or something akin to those around this part of the tank as well. A little green is always a nice thing :p

Said Rose Sword. Seems to be growing slowly but doing okay. I'm expecting this to get better with co2.

I threw the R. Bangladesh behind my lefternmost driftwood.....I figure it can grow as tall as it wants there. Also, will make it easier to trim since the bottom of the stems will be hidden, so I can cut and let it stem out as much as I want to without it looking weird.

Blyxa looks a bit more disheveled but its adjusting to my tank and I finally just got it to stay down, as said before. I threw in the Wistera because I had it laying around, but I'm thinking this will be replaced with P. helferi at some point in the future. Whether I let that grow a bit taller or I make it stay short remains to be seen, I'm fine with whichever one it wants to do.

Closer pic of the thing that needs an ID

My senegalensis. I hope it does well now that my co2 is more or less in order. Very pretty plant and I will let this get tall too.

My glandulousa is kinda small for right now, but this is for sure allowed to reach the very top of my tank. If I got make this into 15" tall stems, I'd be a very happy planter :p

Even if its green, Mermaid weed is still very pretty. Why don't we see this plant around more?

Yao Yai like to grow and grow for me....gotta trim it to keep it straight and make it look normal with the rest of these stems lol

R. rotoundifolia. Its going good, should probably trim it to fill it in more, that or see where its sideshoots decide to go and then give it a buzz. It looks nice in the middle here, adds some more green but has enough color to transition between all the reds on the sides.

Gotta love those pearl gouramis. All 6 are doing fine, can't wait for the smaller ones to catch up in size too.

Clearer Angel

Clearer Plants

Both the angels and the plants here are doing well. Gotta get 3 more of these angels if I can, they are really pretty looking things. Going to be AMAZING once they grow to the size my old golds where. My H. corymbosa is also doing fine.

Really hard to get pics of these guys, but I like this one :p

So, this is the most recent batch of pics now. I dosed my tank with GH booster right before taking these pics...and it just so happened that the dry salt landed on my bichirs head.....Charlie Sheen bichir lol

Last FTS for now. This tank really is looking legitimate now.

All is doing nicely here.

Really liking my H corymbosa. Can't wait for it to grow taller cause its already getting some reds in it.

My Rubin hiding behind my Banana. The rubin is getting bigger slowly but surely. It shares this space with my H. 'Brown' that will hopefully start doing better soon.

Fish and Blyxa.

Because everyone LOVES these angels it seems :p

Pinnatifidia is looking alright, as is the rest.

Things seem to be getting taller, just a wee bit taller.

Pic sucks, but this is the diffuser I am using. Not quiet working 100%, but thats either due to mineral oil getting to it, or a leak with my check valves. I've got new check valves I need to put in, so it should help a tad. Some co2 is coming out though, so that's always good.

Less sucky pic. Hopefully the Ludwigia species will do well with the co2 right there ontop of them.

Hey, my moss is starting to grow over the mesh :p Hopefully soon it will grow over all of the wood too

Whelp, that's all I have for now. Can't wait to see this when I go home in about a week, see how things have begun to grow. Man, this tank is going to be fun, I would have never thought I'd be doing something like this 6 years ago when I started this tank and was just concerned with monster fish. Now, I can have monster fish AND monster plants :p

We need more monster plants around here I think lol. And I'm going to make this tank a jungle, a very tall, dense, jungle. I feel that is a nice thing to do with large fish, since small fish would get lost in the tangle and large fish would make a tank filled with short and small plants just look odd (Though I still wanna Iwagumi with an arrowana one day :p)

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I'm kinda excited to see what this tank looks like once I get back home. I have atomic check valves from gla that I want to put into my co2 lines, and I probably have some replanting to take care of and some root tabs to place, but I'm excited for this.

I still wanna get more angels and another pair of similar sized cichlids, plus maybe an oddball fish, a bristlenose pleco, and if I wanted to blow money, attempt to get a school of larger bodied tetras (congo or black skirt sized) or larger bodied livebearer/rainbow (rainbows can get a good size but cost a ton at the proper sizes...and livebearers would be fantastic if only I could get some big swordtails or mollies) and then a few more plants (I miss crinum and Aflame).

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Yah, came home and my tank needs to be cleaned in a very bad way. So much algae, its kinda scary. Or diatoms....or both....idk. Its odd too because my drop checker is not sure if its co2 or what. I think I need to cut the lights back a bit though regardless. I'll take a before and after pic, although I can already tell that there were some plants that just did not do well for me.

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I've been thinking....about a few things actually. I only have 2 angles now, and idk if I should leave them be or if I should add 4 more of the same type....because I know that 6 fully grown angels, along with the rest of these fish, would be a bit much, but I would really like a pair to get going. Not really sure how to determine if the two I have are a pair or anything though.

As far as plants go, I need more of a few things, but mostly everything is doing well. I wonder about my foreground though...glosso seems to not like me, and I get the feeling that s. repens and ug would also be difficult to get going properly. But I wonder...maybe I can carpet the bottom with moss? or would that be more trouble than it is worth?
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