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Hybrid Molly

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I have a bastard fish that in my mind should not exist--It is what I believe to be a molly platy hybrid in a heavy stocked and moderately planted tank. This bastard survived as a singly fry among an adult danio, a school of Harlequin Rasboras, a school of Neon Tetras, 2 Serpae Tetras and a filter.

The fish now about 4 months old is yellow like the mother and long, but with a trapezoid platy build (but a long tail and fins like a molly with the orange speckle)--mother is a creamcicle. What I pressume to be the father was a sunset blue mickey mouse platy--only the shine of the scales-in terms of color was passed down to the bastard fish--the mother fish looks smooth like a mackerel--the off spring has the speckle of a trout--but the color is gold and white like the mother--

My biggest fear is that the fish reaches 4 inches like the mother--The mother is huge when compared to the other fish of the tank--a shark of the tank.

15 gallon long Does anyone have experience with this type of hybrid?????
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No experience with this, but boy would I like to see a picture! A platy/molly mix! It's a Plolly!
gimme a day or two, its big enough now, I should be able to get a pick, its bigger than most of my neon tetras.
know molly/guppy can didn't know about platy/molly.
i had not heard of platty and molly crossing. i believe they are different genes of fish
i had not heard of platty and molly crossing. i believe they are different genes of fish
They are close enough. Same family, Poeciliidae--both live bearers--I've come across it enough on the net. Its not super super common but it happens
how long had you had the female before she gave birth? Which was the female?
I've had guppies platys mollies swordtails in various tanks the out the years. The only two I have ever seen cross were the swordtail and platy.
interesting. we will know once we get a pic

you might be able to form a new line of fish....
The 'Polly', assuming it is not misidentified, is most likely sterile. I do not doubt your claim that it is indeed a hybrid (I've heard of Gambusia hybridizing with swords!), but doubt that the fish is itself capable of breeding.
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