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Hurricane Sandy

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Hey everybody, just wanted to check in, please excuse any typos as I'm typing this on my cell phone in the dark...

I live on the coast of New Jersey, got trapped in my house/neighborhood during the landfall of Hurricane Sandy. Relatively okay now, house didnt flood because Its on a hill, but nearly everything around me is destroyed.

So far I'm on the 8th day of no power, been sleeping in the cold at night, no heat. Getting old sleeping in 30 degree temps, tonight is warm at 45 degrees. My entire town and the vast majority of the state/all of the coast lost power, so no friends places to go to, and every hotel for miles is booked. There was a major gasoline shortage for a few days, new rationing plan by governor working well....becore that you had to wait in a line 4 hours for gas in cars, 2 if walking up with can.

I had a lot of marinas by my house....all destroyed....gone completely. Boats miles away, boats on highways and railroad tracks. 20ft storm surge here, I know it was only a category 1 but the northeast isnt built for hurricanes, plus hurricane sandy mixed with other storm which made it really bad. Had just under 100mph wind gusts here, 80 mph sustained.

No power plus cold temps, all my fish have died. All plants died or are dying, no light,...both tanks.

Running out of clean clothes, no power for washing/drying machine....too cold to wash and dry old fashioned style. Still the least of my concerns.
Nowhere to go, nothing is open and many things and roads are blocked off.

I can only hope power is restored soon. So cut off from the rest of the world. So much destruction from Hurricane Sandy people dont know about because many. victims still without power.

Union Beach NJ is close to me if you want to google it for pictures of the damage in area.

This past week or whatever its been (lost track of days) has been completely surreal, and I look forward to getting back to the normal I used to know whenever the power comes back on. They say it might be Wednesday at the earliest, hopefully it comes back on sooner than that.

Have to go, phone dying. Will charge tomorrow in car.

Remeber to never take anything for granted.
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Glad you're OK. Remember all the "stuff" can be replaced. Even you're fish and plants.
Please continue to hang in there. I am so sorry for what has happened to you and your family. Don't worry about your fish and plants. We will take care of that.
I am glad to hear that you are not hurt and I appreciate the time to update. I don't know if you are interested but I breed albino plecos and I have a bunch of baby endleers and would be happy to send you as many as you want when you are tanks are back up and running if you have any interest in them.

Take care and God Bless.

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Luckily, after 9 days in the cold, I got power back tonight. Unfortunately theres supposed to be another bad storm tomorrow, so hopefully I don't lose power again! The storm damage was incredible. Most of it still isn't cleaned up, so I'll try to get out and take some pictures of the damage in my area tomorrow...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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