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Humble beginnings--my first aquascape!

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Hello! After my girlfriend left the country, I decided I needed a new hobby! I've always loved aquariums, but planted tanks and aquascaping hadn't been on my radar until recently. After spending tons of time ogling tanks online, I decided I should start my own. I have limited space so a nano tank was pretty much my only option. I'd love to get some feedback on how it's coming along!

Size: 3 gallon (approx)

Lighting: 3.3W LED 8000k 8 hours

Plants: Monte carlo, bacopa, crypts of some kind, a moss ball, and a stem plant I can't remember the name of

Substrate: ADA Aquasoil and sand

Filtration: Sponge filter

Heater: No heater, but my apartment never gets below 70F

I set it up about 2 months ago and since then, the monte carlo has really spread. I trimmed it yesterday but maybe I should trim it more. The bacopa and other stem plant have definitely rooted, but the above soil growth has been pretty slow. Mostly new shoots above where the previous plant ended. Should I eventually trim the new growth and plant it separately? The crypts I just planted last week and they were grown emersed so from what I've read I'm expecting it to lose a lot of its leaves.

As for stocking, I'm thinking about putting a few red cherry shrimp in pretty soon. There are already some pond snails, scuds, and nematodes in the tank that came with the plants. They seem to be doing well. Is there anything else I should consider stocking instead?

Any feedback is appreciated! This is my first tank ever so if there's some glaring error in my set up please let me know! Thanks!


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