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So, I'm doing my regular water change this weekend and I notice what appears to be a few tiny (virtually microscopic) white dots jumping around on the water's surface. I know that nobody here likes to comment without pictures for reference, but I truly don't believe these things (whatever they are) are large enough to even be visible in a photo. I just thought I would post this inquiry in case anyone else has experience with whatever this is and can advise me. Thanks-
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Sounds like mites. If you have floaters, pull all dead tissue sooner than later.
There are spring tails and are completely harmless. That just means that you have a ecosystem going on. :)

Ugly little [email protected]$^@&%$, aren't they? Thanks for the info- nice to know they aren't harmful.
well whatever ends up in the water is fish food
Yeah I've got those in my 30 gallon along with a bunch of other bugs and infusoria.
They make great eats for newly hatched fry/tadpoles.
Yea Ive noticed these in my tank as well. Glad to know they are harmless.
Let's see someone make a waffle with that shape!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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