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Downsizing and only keeping one low tech tank. I’m moving and really don’t have the time to piece all of this out, so ideally you take all. Preference goes to someone that does. Plenty of brand new stuff that you can sell.

$300 OBO. Located in Sandy, willing to deliver on the east side of PDX metro for $10. Possibly further, but might cost more.

•10 gallon tank with wooden stand. Open top of stand and the tank is too small for that, so I have been using a piece of covered plywood underneath. Tank has a sand substrate with Anubias attached to rocks. Has an external Eheim filter that has only seen a few months of use. CO2 tank with regulator and inline CO2. Coralife timer. Light and glass hinged lid.

•20 gallon tank. Eco Complete substrate. Working HOB and a Dwarf Hair Grass “lawn”. Metal two tiered stand and light. Glass hinged lid, but the hinge broke, so it doesn’t function as it should. Still usable though.

•Emersed juncus repens and a rotala of sorts (from what I remember)

•Used UV sterilizer. Replaced the bulb at some point and the new bulb has only seen one day of use.

•Package of Purigen, half left, unused

•Nearly full Planaria treatment

•Unused net breeder

•Nearly full Shrimp remineralizer

•New brine shrimp eggs

•1/3 full PhosGuard

•2 brand new battery operated air pumps

•1/2 full Fluval filtration media

•New Aqueon submersible utility pump

•New Lifegard submersible aquarium pump

•RO Buddie. Media has dried out so they may need to be replaced

•2 bags of crushed coral

•Full PraziPro

•New check valve

•Various foods

•Eco Complete. Stuff in bucket is rinsed, but dry. Bag not rinsed. Both unused.

•Various filter tubing

•Various tubing shut off switches

•Various spray bars

•External air pump

•Various filter media

•Box of large filter cartridges, one missing

•Bag of charcoal

•Partial bag of inert substrate

•Tons of odds and ends for filtration, T-valves, suction cups, drop checkers, glass feeding dish, moss ledges, air stones, tubing



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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