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HUGE Nymphaea Taiwan $10 shipped!

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Have 1 very large Nymphaea Taiwant for sale a light green small leafed lily plant. Comes complete with huge roots and semi dissolved root tab lodged onto said roots. Reaches over 2' tall,great for big tanks! Has baby plants (at least 5, probably more) growing off the ends of several of the leaves so you can pinch them off and plant them to make many more (shorter)plants! Want this lily to stay short? No problem! Just prune off leaves when they get too tall and within a few months it will be 'trained' to stay compact.
$10 shipped (small flat rate priority box). Snail free! Sorry i don't do local pickups due to a bad experience in the past.
What you see is what you get:

Free add-ons: large blob of riccia or as much salvinia minimia as I can stuff into the box with the n. taiwan. Note add-ons may have snails but lily comes from snail free tank.
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n. taiwan sold, still have riccia and salvinia if anyone wants for cost of shipping ($7).
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