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Hello! Most items come from ADA's Aquaforest store in Tokyo and SF, GLA site,, and Amazon.

Payment is via Paypal or check...

Shipping will be UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail depending on the number and kind of items you get. I will send you a quote and refund any excess. I'll be updating as things sell. Please message me any questions or if you need more pics.

ADA Amazonia Powder Soil Package 1kg or 1L New $15.00 (ADA Aquaforest Store, Tokyo) SOLD

ADA Aqua Soil New Amazonia Powder 3L (50% left) Used $7.50 SOLD
ADA Black Lava Stone Pack Various Sizes (water purifier) (~400g left) Used $7.50 (ADA Aquaforest Store, Tokyo) SOLD

Artificial Decor Rock (ADA Aquaforest Store, Tokyo) in Box New $3.00 SOLD

-Aquavitro Carbonate New $8.50
-Aquavitro Mineralize New $14.50
-BW GH UP 10% free w/purchase
-BW GROW New $12.50
-BW Minerock (~65% left) Used $12.50
-ADA Tourmaline BC New $18.50
-ADA Phyton Git New $17.50
-ADA Green Gain (~15% full) Used $2.50
-ADA Green Bacter (~90% full) Used $15.00
-ADA Phyton Git (~10% full) Used $1.00
-ADA Multi Bottom (Predecessor to ADA Bottom Plus) (~50% full ~23 sticks left) Used $10.50
-ADA Riccia Line (~75% left) Used $10.00
-ADA Moss Cotton (~50% left) Used $4.50

-ADA Superge (~90% full) $6.50
-ADA Clean Bottle (Like New) Used $7.50
-ADA Spring Washer S (for pipes under φ13mm) (102-927) (No Packaging) Used, still works great $15.00

-ADA Do Scissors S (curve) (140-206) Used, Still sharp $25.00
-Fluval Flora Stainless Steel Aquatic Plant Scissors - 9.80-inches Used $6.50 SOLD
-U.P. Aqua Professional Tweezer (Pincette, Planting Tong) Used, Great for planting $6.50 SOLD

-TrueLumen Padlite TrueLumen Aquatic LED Strips (Tested to work) Used $65.00
-TrueLumen Aquatic LED Strips 10-Inch 2xrose 2x12k LED (Addtl Strip) Used $17.50
-Current USA Truelumen Inline Dimmer for 12 and 24-Volt LED Strip Used $9.50
(The items above come as a bundle)
-Fluval A13926 Edge 42-LED Lamp Fixture (used, working fine) $25

-EHEIM Classic 250 (Item number: 2213010 ) External Canister Filter Incl Media, filter pads, Extra Double Tap Quick Release 0.50 inch/0.65in valves Used $65 SOLD
-Hydor In-Line External Heater Used $32.50
-Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump, 240 GPH Used $17.50
-EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Used $12.50
-x3 Hydrofarm Autopilot Dual Outlet 7-Day Grounded Digital Programmable Timers Used $10/each

-CO2 Cylinder 7.3 LBS/3.3KG Catalina Cylinders Made in USA (Purchased at Igo's Welding Supply Company, MA) w/ standard CGA320 Valve, 1800psi Rated. Tank ships empty, but ready to fill at your local gas supplier! Dimensions: 17.5" Tall, 16.5" Diameter $40 + $5 extra S&H SOLD

-Premium AQUATEK CO2 Regulator with Integrated Cool Touch Solenoid inc; Bubble counter Used, in great shape $75.00
-GLA Atomic CO2 Diffuser - Inline - 12/16mm Used $15.00
-GLA CAL AQUA Glass "Nano" Drop Checker Incl. Free 60ml indicator solution Used $35.00
-GLA Atomic CO2 Bubble Counter - with Integrated Check Valve Used $15.00

-ADA Do!Aqua Poppy Glass (outflow) PP-1 13D (Like New) Used $35.00 SOLD

-ADA Do!Aqua Poppy Glass (inflow) PV-2 13D (Like New) for 60-90cm standard aquarium, Used (Like New) $60

-ADA Do!Aqua Violet Glass Outflow VP-1 13D 13mm (Like New) Used $35 (ADA Aquaforest Store, Tokyo)

-ADA Do!Aqua Violet Glass Inflow VV-2 13D 13mm for aquarium 61-90cm in size (Like New) Used $50.00

-ADA Do!Aqua Violet Glass Jet (Outflow) JP1 13D 13mm Used $30.00

-ADA Do!Aqua Poppy Glass (inflow) PV-1 13D (Broken and Professionally Repaired with aquarium-safe glue (tested, functional, see last pic) for 45-60cm standard aquarium Used $9.50


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