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HQI lighting 215 gallon

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Hi Guys/Gals.

I have kind of a hard one, my internet searching skills have come up w/ nothing on this.

First - it's a 215 gallon Oceanic - 72 x 24.5 x 29 (latter is height)

I really want to go topless on this aquarium to allow the plants a chance to go emergent, so a canopy is out.

I want to go HQI, preferrably pendant or HOT, i do not want a massive light fixture that goes all the way accross the tank.

The problem is, that i live in a loft, the tank is going right by the stairs, so the wall behind it is oddly shaped (it rises w/ the stairs) and the cieling ranges from 7 to 15 ft high over it.

What i am trying to figure out, it how to put 2 x 250 watt HQI pendants over the tank w/o futzing up the way the apartment looks by having long cables coming down from the cieling, etc... etc..

any ideas? I was going to go w/ the aqualight pros which are HOT HQI's that mount on a single swing arm, but they only go up to 150 watts. adding a third would put it right on top of the glass brace, which i really don't want to have to mess w/.

I am really scratching my head here for an elegant solution, so any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance!
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Well, you have 3 options, like you said.

1) Fixture
2) Hang/clip on tank
3) Pendant

The fixture is out from what you said. HOT fixtures aren't that great, so those are out. A pendant hanging from the ceiling is also out. You can try the bent EMT conduit solution and hang your pendants from there.

Think this, except each bent piece of EMT will hold up one pendant:

Images from AaronT from this thread:

You'll need 2-3 of them, attached to your stand to suspend the pendants off your tank. It'll look decent if the EMT is painted to match the stand. :)
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now that is a good idea, we have a family friend that owns a metalworking business as well. I want this to look pretty stylish as well so now i have to start thinking about ways to make this conduit look really nice, but still have clean, minimalist lines... after all, the show is in the aquarium, not above it.
Why don't you have your friend weld up a nice frame out of some round or square tubing? Then either paint it or have it powdercoated. You could design it however you want and have some mounting tabs welded on to make it easy to mount to the back of your stand. Would look real slick in my opinion.
I have been sketching stuff since yesterday, and can't quite get happy about it.

I keep going back to wanting to use the aqualight advanced arm mounted 150's. it would make life so much simpler.

If two isn't enough, i would even be willing to rig up a 3rd. i am just being wishy washy.
The spread on those are quite minimal. I had JBJ Viper HOT fixtures, ditched those, then went to the Coralife Advanced Aqualight....ditched those too.
I think 3x 150 is better for 72" tank. If you go with 250 you'll have to raise them up high to cover the center of the tank. I don't see a problem putting one over the center brace (assuming glass brace), you'll just have weaker light over the center, still better than 2x 250 imo. I'm also struggling to decide lightning for my 72" long tank. I'm thinking of using 3x of the Current Outer Orbit Pendant. However I'm unsure it's ability to cover my 30" width tank. You won't have a problem however.

BTW, Marine depot sell these pendants for 1/2 the price other sell it for... I still don't get it.
If you do design your own arms, remember to build in some kind of height adjustment for flexibility later with whatever lights you end up using.
Another member here had I believe used a bent piece of rebar for a hanger arm which was slid into an EMT base to allow height adjustment.
well, i f ound some really cool pendants

and i might have come up w/ an idea that i really lik.. i will sketch it out (height adjustable and all) and post it this weekend.
lol. Solana...the new, '80's retro pendant.

Personally, I don't like it. :D
Thanks epic for all your help!
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