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Hello Folks!

I've been out of the hobby for a good decade now. After a lot of pestering from the kids and an unhealthy amount of alcohol, I ended up purchasing a 200G Prostar Rimless tank on Christmas eve. I went looking around and planning for all the stuff that I would need to get setup .. and well things have changed a bit it seems! I figured I need some advice to get things right and that led me here :)

The last time I had a tank, I was across the pond in the UK and things seem to be a tad different compared to the tanks here. I've never owned a sump before (I only ever used canisters from eheim) and that in itself has been a bit of a rabbit hole for me. I was also used to looking at T5s and T8s for lighting and now LEDs seem to be the preferred option. At this point it feels like I am starting from the beginning , which is not a bad thing! I get to revisit some old stuff and learn some new things.

I look forward to interacting with everyone here and get some good advice in getting this new tank setup! I am super excited!
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