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Hi all, I've been hiding on the forums for a few weeks now after being given a 56l juwel aquarium by a friend. I'm long term 'between jobs' due to medical reasons, but do get to have fun with SFX makeup for photoshoots and a few films when the chance appears. :)

I've set it up as primarily a planted tank with shrimp. Got the usual babies tears, dwarf sag, java fern, various mosses, all being powered by a lovely DIY mattenfilter (I'm leaving the smaller filter in there for a while until the mattenfilter really matures.) and LED ligthing strip with UV. Having major issues with the TDS (swings between 400 and 600!), kh at 6 and gh at 10. All other parameters are nice and stable with my Ph at 7.2. only have two red nose shrimp, (apparently 4 ninja shrimp...but i cant find them now.) a few assassin snails and 6 Normans Lampeyes in there at the moment, but once the water issues are sorted i'm hoping to add some cherry shrimp and a few Peacock goby. I've been using Mironekuton powder, Fluval cycle/cleaner, Tetra Plantamin/Clear water and Glas Garten Bacter AE in the tank. So please feel free to offer me tips or scold me for doing something amazingly silly.

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