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How would you set up a 300 gal?

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Ok guys/gals.

I am picking up a used 300 gal acrylic tank this weekend. The dimesnions are 96" x 24" x 30". I will be finishing a room in my basement to house the tank and make it an office space as well. Also, I will be building a stand for the tank and possibly a canopy depending on what lighting setup I go with.

I'd like to hear how you would setup the tank if you were in my shoes. I'd like to keep the tank as easy to maintain as possible. Also, I'd like to anchor the whole layout with a few really large Amazon swords and huge piece of driftwood.

Here's my initial thoughts and some of what I already have.
Substrate: already bought 4 bags charcoal Soilmaster Select
Filtration: considering either a DIY sump or Ocean Clear Canisters
Lighting: either MH pendants (3x175w?) or suspended Tek T5 (two 4x54w fixtures)
CO2: already have 5gal pressurized setup with a DIY inline reactor, but will be upgrading to a 20lb tank

The plan right now is to grow out 10 discus in a bare bottom 75gal and transfer them into this tank when full grown. Also plan to add a large school of rummynose tetras (~100) , some German blue rams, and a decent clean up crew.

Like I said...would love to get your opinions on how you would set this tank up. I'd like to keep the setup as cost effective as possible, but I also want to set it up right from the get go. Trying to initially go cheap and take short cuts equipment wise has just cost me more money in the long run on other tanks I've had.

A nice journal with plenty of photos will be started soon. :thumbsup:

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If I were you, I wouldn't set it up at all. A huge tank like that would be nothing but problems for you. You'd be much better bringing it over here, giving it to me, and freeing yourself from such headache.

But since that's unlikely, I'll give you real advice. With a tank that size, you want to think low maintenance, unless you're into scuba diving.

Intense lighting and stem plants would lead to an endless frustration. Amazon swords are a good start, and they don't require much light. Either two Tek fixtures or 3 metal halides would be good.

I've never used Soilmaster, so no opinion there.

For filtration, sumps have a bad reputation for outgassing CO2, so I'd go with the ocean clear canister. Or look into the Eheim Pro IIIs. I like the 2128 I have because it has a built in heater, hence less tank clutter.

CO2 plans sound good.

Your stocking regime also seems pretty good, except that I don't know how full grown discus do with small tetras. You might want to go for less of a slightly larger tetra like a bleeding heart or Columbian. Ask a discus guy about that aspect.

I'm envious. Have fun.
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If I were you, I wouldn't set it up at all. A huge tank like that would be nothing but problems for you. You'd be much better bringing it over here, giving it to me, and freeing yourself from such headache.

But since that's unlikely...
Hey I go up to canton every couple weeks... if this tank becomes to big of a PIA I can take it off your hands! :) But good luck with the tank. And BTW there are many running DIY sumps, especially on larger tanks, so it can be done just with some extra consideration for co2 injected tanks. I'm setting up a DIY sump now but dont have it running yet so I dont have any experience just yet. much for my 300 gal project.

I drove 2hrs to go look at the tank on Thursday and made a deal with the guy. We agree that I would come pick up the tank on Saturday morning and I'd pay cash on pickup. Friday night the guy emails me and says he has to go to PA on Saturday and asks if we can reschedule to Sunday morning. I said that would be fine.

I just got an email from the seller saying he decided not to sell it! Guess I wasted my time. I was all excited too. :icon_cry: Guess I'll keep looking.

Anyone know of an 8ft, 200gal + tank for sale in Ohio?
You try craiglist? I assume your wanting something used for cheap... since you could probably get one through the lfs. The lfs up the road here often has 220's and 265's (though I think they are 7' if memory serves). Glasscages also comes up to columbus often (not sure if they go up to cleveland or not, youd have to check) though its recently been said a lot of folks has had problems with them (I hope to god I dont, I just bought a 240 from them!).

And its always wise to not get to far ahead in the planning until you actually have the tank - especially buying a used tank from someone. It seems to often folks get excited and post sotcking suggestions and have everything decided... then they end up not getting it! Oh well. Better luck next time.
Craigslist is where I found this one. I prefer used just to keep the cost down and prefer acrylic because of weight. Have been looking into Glasscages as well. Nice prices, but as you said I've heard some differing opinions on their quality.

I'm in no big hurry. I'll keep watching Craigslist and eBay.
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