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I know this isn't really a planted tank, but it's a planted container for aquatic creatures so hope it's ok here!

Getting a livestock tub setup in our basement for when it's time for our red-eared slider to come back inside in the fall. I would like to try to keep some of the floating plants from our little pond too (water hyacinth and water lettuce).

Was wondering how you guys would approach this? There won't be any underwater plants, just the surface floating plants. Do I stick with aquarium lighting? Or go towards more of a grow light geared towards hydroponics and indoor gardening? Or just a general light, for example outdoor flood light in correct spectrum?

Another thing to consider, turtle requires a basking heat lamp/emitter, and UV light. I'd like to go LED, but not sure if can get correct UV with that? If I went with fluorescent with correct bulbs that might be able to take care of plant lighting and UV for turtle. Would then just need to do the basking incandescent or ceramic heat emitter separately.

Plan on building a wood frame to mount any lighting over the tub. Just trying to figure out the best way to go. Thanks for any input!

Edit: not sure why my pics are flipped around, can't seem to fix.


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