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I will be switching to a Finnex Fugeray on my 29 pretty soon so I want to know how to fert it. I'll be dosing Excel every other day. I have KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4, and CSM+B. How would you go about fertilizing this tank?

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EI can be adjusted for any light energy within a given range.
Lower light, lower the ratio of amounts used,
Tom Barr has posted this several times, including EI dosing for low light.
(google Tom Barr & low tech dosing)
or look here LOL

Myself I use reference solutions to prove test kits as valid then dose for values.
Maintain NO3 >10ppm, PO4 2-4ppm and trace about every three days. (it works)

I also use soil enriched subs in the majority of my tanks for more dosing wiggle room.

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Are you dosing any ferts right now?
If so, is it working? I would keep the same ratios of N, P, K and traces, but increase the amount and see how it goes with the improved light and carbon.
If so and it is not working, then figure out what is lacking or what is excess, and adjust the EI recipe to something similar.

If you are not now fertilizing:
...and have a lot of livestock, then try 1/4 to 1/2 of the EI method, perhaps reducing the N even more if the NO3 test shows that there is pretty much always NO3 in the water from fish food.
... and do not have a lot of fish, then try the 1/2 of EI, and see how things go.

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Thanks for the link. Very informative. What would the exact amounts of ferts you dose be? Like 1/4 tsp. KNO3. I think I'm going to do half of EI.
I mix 3 solutions.
NO3 solution 1ml added to 10g raises NO3 by just under 5ppm
PO4 solution 1ml added to 20g raises PO4 by just under 1ppm

I'm not a fan of spending hard earned money on shipping fancy bottles containing very little of anything except water. While the Seachem Flourish line of aquatic plant foods is very safe to use they simply are expensive to use over time. Staying at lower light levels additions would be small and needed when doing water changes or 1-2 times weekly at most to maintain levels. $30.00 worth of dry ferts would last a year if not more low tech. Purchasing the dosing bottles like GLA sells with the chambers for measured pouring it is fairly easy to mix your own and be able to add measured amounts at lower chemical concentration levels. Safer for the "AccidentProne" then adding dry chemicals directly to the tank.

These are reference notes for solution mixing I copied from Rex Griggs site years ago. Over time some of it has been combined here and I dose differently having added nutrient support for the plant within the substrate on all my tanks.
(*** mentioning the source of this solution mixing information I must mention that the related website store is active on the web but no orders have been filled in over a year. the owner will not respond to contact)

To raise phosphate levels
0.1grams will raise phosphate levels of 20 gallons of water
by .092 ppm. Suggested dosing level 1-2 ppm.
Mix 1 cup water (236 ml) with 5 teaspoons (24 grams).
This solution will dose 0.93 ppm per ml in 20 gallons of water.

To raise potassium levels.
1/2 teaspoon (2.8 grams) will raise the potassium level of 20 gallons
of water by 14.26 ppm.
Suggested potassium level is 15-20 ppm. (I dose this dry)

Mix 67.2 grams (12 teaspoons or 4 Tablespoons) in 250 ml of water.
This will dose 4.34 ppm in 10 gallons of water
and 2.74 ppm of potassium for each ml dosed.

Dosing CSM+B plus Fe solution it is now combined here.
500ml bottle
14.4g CSM+B
35g GLA Fe 11% DPTA
30ml Excel (actually Glut) reduces fungus growth in the bottles.
Mixing a new bottle of soup it takes about two days for everything to stay in solution.
I shake the bottle a couple of times a day and turn it upside down to see if anything settles.

I add ferts based on tested levels and observing plant health. WC's as needed NOT scheduled.
2-5ppm PO4 and 15-30ppm NO3 target. K2SO4 weekly for 15ppm if I don't do a WC.

WC is done based on rising TDS readings or the parameters getting hosed up.

I am constantly tweaking the water ferts on the tanks as they grow, more mass = more needed.

This topic of levels to maintain and addition methods range all over within the forums with people getting very emotional at times.
Yet it's a short list of what is needed for use and the same overall.
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