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How would you dose my tank?

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Please help me figure out how I should dose ferts and what my deficiency may be.
I have a 10 gallon with sand substrate, 2 aqueon 18inch floramax bulbs 18watt a piece, with pressurized co2. My readings are:

ph 6.4
ammonia 0ppm
nitrite 0ppm
nitrate 10ppm
p04 1-2 ppm
kh 3 degree
gh 6 degree
Ca 60ppm ( I had the lfs test this, I think they used a saltwater api test though) Not sure how accurate it is to freshwater.

I use tap water the relevant readings are:
nitrate 0ppm
po4 2ppm
kh 4 degree
gh 3 degree

I have all the dry ferts, I bought a pps pro pack plus iron chelate 11%. I haven't decided whether I should do pps or EI, I figured I talk to the pro's first. I was using the micro/macro premix but I don't like how I can't control each individual nutrient. The only problem with this tank is I get some twisted leaves, with help from zapins we figured out it wasn't a macro deficiency. Maybe its a co2 or light problem? photoperiod is 7 hrs, co2 drop checker is a lime green color.