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How would bird droppings affect tank parameters?

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I've been admiring large flight cages of Society Finches for a while now and I'm thinking of making a flight cage over a large tank. Here's a couple examples of the cage style I'd like to build and the cute finches themselves:

I don't know whether the droppings would be toxic to the tank, or just be considered an extra bio load on the filter, or best case serve as fish food. Does anyone here have experience with such a setup?

Depending on the size tank I can find I may use two tanks with one a planted tank and the other a paludarium with frogs and turtles so I can have creatures of the lake, land, and air all in one giant enclosure.
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yeah, I don't think it would work unless you had a really huge tank, and just one or two tiny birds.

Birds have a high metabolism and eat, and thus excrete quite a bit.

As far as using animal manure for fertilizing crops, chicken manure has to be composted/'matured' before it can be applied to crops, or it will burn them.

I imagine it's similar with most birds - you'd be putting a lot of really potent waste into that tank.
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