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How to Water Change a Specific Way?

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I am trying to think of a way that I can clean my sand in my tanks with a vaccum siphon an a pump. I remember someone on youtube commenting on how they do it. But I can’t remember.
What I want done is to clean my sand thoroughly but not use all the water up. I also need to trap sand that would come through the siphon. I remember the commenter saying that the water they did siphon would just go back in the tank so that way you’re not losing water. Can someone help me with the setup of this?
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Only thing I can think of is getting a gravel vac that has a valve to control the flow. At lower rates the sand should moslty spool up into the larger chamber of the gravel vacuum a bit but fall out. I have seen different grate type things on the bottom of some of these gravel vacs that claim to do sand as well.
I think you'd be after something like the Eheim Quick Vac Pro. I personally use a battery powered gravel vac to vacuum cichlid poop off the sand in my other tank. I ordered it from AliExpress for like $20-30. It's got a filter sock on the output that traps debris.

Honestly, you could probably DIY something with a used pond pump, some tubing from Home Depot, and a filter sock. Here's one example.
thank you all for replying. after swearing I thought I had asked this before I found it! It’s called a loop system and is so smart imo for smaller tanks where it’s important to get debris out!
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