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Okay, I have seen the diagrams about how sponge filters work with air pumps. And I have seen people say that it's possible to run a sponge filter using a powerhead. I saw a video on YouTube, but the powerhead they used had a bottom that snapped off and then they attached some adapters. Do you need to get a special powerhead for that?

I got the Sen Mid:

The tube sticking out is the outflow; the grating on the side is the intake.
How are you supposed to connect that intake to a sponge filter? Can you run a sponge filter "backwards" (pump water *into* the middle)?

My current "powerhead sponge filter" is a Koralia Nano with a sponge wrapped around it. The Koralia Nano intake is all around the body:

So I cover that with a sponge (attached)... which seems to work, but I suspect not what people mean by a powerhead-driven sponge filter.


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