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How to trim plants

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I'm new to planted tanks, so please excuse this very simple question ... my Wisteria is getting close to touching the surface of the tank (grown about 3 inches in the last week or so since the tank has been setup ... and it's a low tech tank) ... so in another week or two I will probably need to trim it unless it just stops growing when it runs of of water ...

Assuming it doesn't simply stop growing when it's out of room, how should I trim it? Is there a specific point as which I should cut it? Is it best to cut it or can I simply try to break the stem? What happens to the plant when I trim it ... how does it continue to grow?

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Cut the stem in half and replant the top portion. The bottom portion will send out branches(usually) and the plant will grow from there. Sometimes they just continue to grow with new leaves. The top portion will grow just how it did before the trim.
since you have a great answer i am going to ask another trimming question.

what about a plant with a rizome? i have an african water fern and it is getting huge. i would like to put a portion of it in another tank. how do i seperate the rizome without killing the plant?
You would have to cut the rhizomes. or Seperate it if its pullable
ok as long as cutting wont kill the plant ill do it. i am going to try it now since my son is napping. if he sees me in the tank he manages to get into it later in the day, it has happened more than once
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