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How to trim different plants

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I was wondering how to trim different plants for different results. I am most interested in stem plants. I have a few plants that I would like to get bushier with side shoots. With terrestrial plants if you clip the top you get two side shoots does this work with aquatic plants like rotala? What about anarcharis. I remember reading in that wonderful water sprite article that if you cut a stem it will rot.

So any advice on rotala, cabomba, and water wisteria for trimming?
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depends a lot on the vigor of the individual stem for rotala.
if i cut a shaded, thin, leggy stem, it slowly pops out a single new growth tip. if i cut a bright colored thick stem that was getting a bunch of light, CO2, and fertz, i can get 2-3 new growth tips.
cabomba i usually only get 1 new stem
hygro species (wisteria included) branch really easily. just hack away.
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