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How to treat plants from questionable locations?

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I was in a LFS yesterday and happened upon a 50% off sale on aquatic plants. This isn't normally a store I purchase fish from (as I have a highly trusted store that I normally buy from). This place is a chain, and while their tank water and stock look healthy, the plants are always covered in some sort of black sludge looking algae. They had a Crypt Parva for $2.50 so I couldn't pass it up.

It's in one of those pots with the foam stuff in the bottom. What is the best way to remove that stuff?

It's also covered in that black sludge looking algae - how do I get rid of it?

Should I quarantine the plant? If so, for how long? Would just a bucket of water do the trick?
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most likely that is Blue Green Algae. You can treat with erythromycin or maybe a 19:1 water bleach solution would for 2min would work. I would not put that plant in the tank until you get rid of the algae and you get no new algae growth for some time.
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Would a bucket with water, near a window do for quarantine? Or should I put it in something like a QT tank for fish?
For the crypt it would likely be enough. Water should have enough nutrients to favor plant growth. Since you mention a window, the normal - indirect lower light is better.

Actively treat the plant and then put it in qt tank to observe that no algae growth takes place. Also watch out .. wash your hands after you get into contact with the plant or water, do not use the same equipment you use in your aquarium or sterilize afterwards
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