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How to store RO water?

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I currently use tap water, and aged it with 2 pcs of Indian Almond leaves for 2 weeks. Use air pump to circulate the water.
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I am thinking to switch to RO water, and use the same size bottle jar (18.9L) to buy refill RO water from Walmart or Safeway. My shrimp tank is only 5G (20L). I will likely use about 4-5L for each water change bi-weekly and top up daily. Should I just keep the jar closed for the remaining RO water? Or should I still need to use air pump to circulate the water?
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I just fill empty ice cream pails, put the cover on and let them sit till my next water change, every 2 weeks. Been doing this a long time with no problems.
No need to recirculate it. Just keep it in a cold dark place. I would suggest remineralization/buffering before adding it to the tank. This way you can make sure the parameters match and that the pH is stabilized before changing the water.
Thank you for the advise. I am going to buy a bottle of refilled RO water. Add Salty Shrimp Mineral GH/GH+. Then close the cap, and let it sit in a cold area. Shake it before doing the water change. Buy a smaller bottle for top off purpose. Not adding anything on that one.
sounds good
I store my filtered water in 5g pails with lids you can get at wallymart or the big box store - they are made from a food safe plastic.
I just got my refilled RO water bottle from Safeway, paying $2.99 for 19L jar. The TDS is 2, and PH is 6.8, which are pretty good reading.
I add Salty Shrimp Mineral GH+ into the bottle, and make it 5 dGH. Now the TDS from my RO water raise from 2 to almost 200. I wonder how other people can make their water around 150 TDS or lower with 5 dGH. Is that achievable?

Right now, my RCS tank is 250 TDS. I did not add any fert, so I believe the shrimp waste raise the TDS from 200 to 250.
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