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How to ship

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How do you ship shrimp using regular poly bags. Since it's still kinda bad weather some places and cold, how do you ship them using a heat pack, without boiling them? I have pfr sakura cherries mixed I would like to sell but I don't want to risk shipping if they will boil or freeze ya know. Fish yeah I can ship those all day every day, shrimp I've never done.
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I'd place a heat pack wrapped with newspaper on top of the package.

Make sure to create some spacing between the heat pack and the shrimp bags by more newspaper.
also the 72hr heat pack doesnt get as high temp hot as the shorter time ones.
Frankly I would wait another week or two and then you won't have to use heat packs to most areas. I use insulated boxes, put the shrimp bag in first, cover the bag with packing material, and tape the heat pack to the underside of the lid. The red line of the heat pack has to be facing the inside of the box and needs to remain tape free. Also if you do this a lot, I would recommend using Kordon breather bags. Sometimes boxes get lost and I had shrimp survive a week in transit using Kordon bags.
Use fresh de-chlorinated water matching the TDS to the TDS of your tank water, add some sort of live plant for the shrimp to hang onto and only fill the bag half full with water, the rest with air.
"...only fill the bag half full with water, the rest with air. "

Good advice for poly bags, but if you half fill with air for breather bags the bags stop working. You have to fill to the top with water for the breather bags to work correctly. ;)
with polly bags i always use 1/3's when shipping be it shrimp or fish. 1/3 water 2/3 air. and i use 4x18 2mil bags. normally about 1/2 cup water (thats what i have in my fish room is a 1/2 cup measure cup) and be sure to put some kind of plant for them to hang onto because it will slosh a bit being a polly bag. always line your box with styro. it helps regulate the temp in the box. i use the green fiber for packing around the bag. its recycled paper and should the bag leak it will absorb any water. i tie a knot in the bag and use a rubber band as well just under the knot. gives me extra security so no wicking will happen and slowly allow water out. i also always double bag. i put a layer of green fiber on the bottom of the box then the bags then more fiber on top. i wrap the heat pack in newspaper or brown paper bag a couple times and then place ontop of the fiber. the styro lid gets placed on top and the box taped closed. hope that helps some. i have also shipped out in winter months and never had a problem
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I do fill Kordon bags all the way with water but he is using a poly bag.
With fish I also would 1/3 water 2/3 air but with shrimp I would put half and half. They don't use that much air. I would be worried about them getting caught in a water free area of the bag. One of the reasons I prefer Kordon bags.
Kordon breather bags, green friendly insulation and a box. Never used a heat pack, as I have shipped in weather in the 20's and not a issue. That is with tigers and TB, as most of the trip is temp controled and if weather is that bad where you are you should do hold at post office. I do use cold packs because they will sit in the hot post office for a while.

I fill my breaher bags up about 1/3 of the way rubber band the twisted top, cover with a paper towl or newspaper and line the bottom and sides with the insulation, then drop the wrapped bag in, then cover the top with insulation. And away they go, never had a issue besides USPS running over a box, only other time was from someone trying to scam me saying he got dead shrimp a day away. Found out it was not true from another memeber and asked around and they have done it a couple other time to others too.
Using heat packs creates a lot more problem than not.
When sending from Chicagoland, IMHO one has to use a heat pack in colder weather.
I only have poly bags because I get them from work. Haha. So basicalynkeeo theb72 hour heat packs as far away from shrimp bag as possible when you ship. Use insulation be it styrofoam or metallic insulation bubble wrap. Use paper to pad it. And ship it on its merry way?.
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