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How to Ship Dry Goods

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Ok, i am new to selling things over the internet, and i am going to need to ship out some things that i am selling. I am completely new to the concept of shipping an actual big box of stuff.

1) Do you just get the box from the post office?

2) How do you know shipping ahead of time so you can tell the customer?

3) How do I know what it will cost ME to ship it?

Sorry this is such a noobish question, but i am completely new to this.


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You can order free USPS boxes online from their website, or you can pick up a box from the office yourself.

Unless it's flat-rate, you will not know exactly how much the shipping will be without the buyer's zipcode. If the person tells you his/her zipcode, you can then calculate the shipping cost with the box weight/dimensions and the zipcode. -- Unless you have a huge package that exceeds 7 feet, you'll likely choose the regular "Package" option, input the total weight, and then the zip code. You'll then have a list of various prices depending on what you choose: i.e. First class, priority mail, flat rate, etc.
1. You could get your own boxes. or order them
2.Its pretty hard to tell, The UPS or So may mess up, usually it says on the mailing options
3. You dont unless your shipping express, Overnight,Priority,or Flatrate
For firstclass. 41 for ounce was it?
Mini storage facilities seem to have the biggest selection and cheapest prices on boxes. The shipping stores around here are very high.

Anyway, with USPS, you will need the zip code and weight of the box. With UPS, you need the dimensions of the box, zip code, and weight.

I do all my shipments through UPS. I go to their website and "create a shipment." This generates the tracking number and you can print the label. (I just print on regular paper and use packaging tape) You can then either drop the box off to any UPS counter, or schedule a pickup. You can schedule a pickup for the next day any time up until midnight, last I checked. It takes less than 5 minutes.

It's easiest if you setup an account, and then it'll bill your credit card.
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