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How to reduce bubbles from drains sump. Help..

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I have a 125 gallon with a sump powered by a Mag 9.5 I am guessing 700 gph. It has two megaflows (2 overflows and 2 returns) and I notice a lot of bubbles in the sump. I have built saltwater sumps and if this happened it would not be a big problem. But planted is different.

Will I have less bubbles if I have the return hoses above the water in the sump? Currently they are submerged in the sump. I am using the megaflow/durso kits that Aqueon makes.

I plan on having a filter sock but partially submerged as the drain seems quieter.

Thanx all!!
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Have you looked into Durso Stand pipes or Gurgle busters? Also, running the pipe all the way down to the waters surface in the sump can help eliminate splashing.

It is a durso.


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You have to be VERY careful doing it and tune the length just right but you can thread a length of 3/8 nylon cord through holes on the side of the Durso to reduce the drain size of the pipe into the sump. I did this to both weir drains on my 110g back in July '09 when I filled it. No floods to date. Trying a knot holds the cord in the pipe because it won't fit through the hole. If I had it to do again I would have drilled a third hole in each weir for a second stand pipe/overflow. I've had to adjust the length of these 'drain tails' four times (sump modifications) but am going to continue as it's configured because I have zero drain noise.
Coudnt I just put a bulk head on that uses a smaller hose?
I stumbled across this browsing youtube, seems so simple yet supposedly silent, no bubbles due to allowing only what your return pumps back. An even exchange. You could add a ball valve and adjust how much drains but without a back up it might actually overflow.
Interesting. I have two overflows. Wondering how that would work.
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