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Some Creeping Jenny has gone through bad melting since being placed in the tank. Almost the entire stem goes limp, with the leaves going as well. However, they are still "solid" enough that if they get uprooted I can gently replant them in the substrate without the stem breaking apart. A couple weeks in, I'm starting to see some new healthy (non-melted) growth at the top of some of them.

Since they are attached to this mushy stem, I feel it would be best to remove and replant the new growth. Is this a good choice? If so, where should I cut?

The two top bright plants

Hard to see from the angle, but the top part here is new. You can see a sad melted stem/leaves in the background.

I'm thinking the melting was just from being a new plant, since there is healthy new growth emerging.

I have a photo period of 8am-10am, 2pm-7pm w/ Fluval Edge 6g stock LED light and suspended Beamworks singlebright LEDs.
Azoo plant grower substrate w/ Osmocote+ root tabs.
Daily Excel dosing
Few drops of Flourish with big water changes (1-2 times a week)
Single betta inhabitant
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