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Now that I have pressurized CO2 and have removed all the fast growing stems, I am continually fighting with my Java Ferns. I have it fastened to a piece of Malaysian Ironwood in my 20 gallon to the right third of the tank. The problem I am having is that it's ALL OVER the wood now, and not just on top and slightly to the side like I had originally intended.

Is the solution to stripp off all the leaves and rhizomes off the side of the wood? Or do I just continually prune the leaves. How do you guys keep your Java ferns so neat?

The other thing I noticed is that at the top of the wood where the densest growth is, I noticed that periodically I get a huge die back. That is, the center of the leaf mass goes brown and rots and dies. Once I prune it back, it grows back normally, and then it'll happen again? Is this because it's too close to the light, or is it just because it's too dense so some leaves were not getting light/CO2/ferts?

Edit: Oops, posted in wrong forum. Please ignore or remove. I'll post in general forum.
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