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How to open my CO2 regulator

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Hey All,

I was hoping I could pick your brains for a bit of maintenance advice. For the past couple months I've been using an FZone dual stage mini v3.0 regulator (ref: and thus far it's been a great piece of equipment. The needle valve is a little finiky, but generally stays about where I put it and generally I feel I've been getting great value for my money.

Here's the 'but...' you've been waiting for. In the last few days output has gone down despite the tank being relatively full, and the tank valve open. Based on everything I've read it seems like I'm about due to open it up and wipe some mineral oil on the solenoid piston. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get it open. Looking at the thing it seems fairly obvious: channel lock + chrome-y looking the tank adapter fits into. So far, so good. But wait! There's nothing to really use for leverage on this thing. Sure I could jam my thumb into the power block for the solenoid or the plastic dome protecting the gauge but that seems like a breakage in the making. Perhaps I'm missing a screw somewhere which once loosened allows the ring-bit to come loose.

Do any of you have any suggestions or links to a vid which might be helpful here?