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how to lower KH safely

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I want to keep some discus in my 75 gallon planted tank. I’m trying to figure out how to lower my KH and GH. My GH is at 12 and KH at 9. I know I will need to remove most of my plants and up my filter to a wet/dry sump.

I would go at an RO unit but I have well water and it would clog right up.

I had thought of getting some 1 gallon water bottles and filling the tank that way. I think I could go 50 / 50 or 25 / 75 mix. I’m going to get a gallon next week and mix it and test it to see how much well to how much bottled water.

None of my friends will sell me there RO water and the LFS charge out the ass for it.

From what I have read and form talking to a lot of people it looks like my PH should be 6.5 to 7.0 and my KH should be about 3. I would be using peat and will be getting a sump.
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R/O water is really your only choice. discus need softwater, so pH decreases won't be an option (nor would i ever recommend them in the first place, for anyone).

Your well water is only 1 degree harder than my tap water (both in Gh and Kh), and I know plenty of people here that run R/O units without problems.
I suggest eBay for inexpensive, small R/O units.
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