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How to keep Crypt Wendtii from getting so tall?

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I've had this plant for over 6 years. It's a red Wendtii. My first aquatic plant.

I've always split it up and given away the splits whenever it was time to rescape.

When I bought it, it was mentioned as a "midground" plant.

Now I have a ada 60P (18g). It's always been put in the back corner because it grows so big and tall.

Recent issue since root tabbing the area has been it's overshadowing leaves. It grows so tall the leaves kind of just rest on top of the water and shadowing anything under it.

Are there any tricks to getting it to grow with shorter/smaller leaves?
Some leaves fall off from catching the outtake flow. Is it ok for me to cut these leaves and hopefully let it regrow again like a stem plant?
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