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How to introduce a new filter?

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Hi, I'm not entirely sure where this thread should go, so Mods feel free to move it where appropriate.

Anyways I have mediumly planted Juwel Korall 60 that came with a light hood and Juwel Bioflow Mini filter. I have a tank with otos, a few guppies and some cherry shrimps, and my filter blows the shrimps around a fair bit. And since my female shrimps got pregnant a few months back, I put some pantyhose around the filter sponge and shoved it back in and now I can hardly tell if it even filters anymore... probably does. In any case I'm considering something that requires a little less maintenance like a bubble sponge filter, and have ordered an air pump online. My question is, will running the new filter alongside my old one for a couple of months before removing the old one affect the water quality? In other words, will cycling a new filter mess up my parameters and bacteria even with an established filter running alongside it?

Or is this perhaps a completely hopeless idea?
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personally i would put some of the media from the old filter inn the new one and run them side by side for a few months and if you cant use the media itself i would scoop some of the gunk out of the old filter and put it in the new one to "charge" the new media with the bacteria etc.
Running both the new and old filters for a period of time together is perfect.
Thanks guys :) I can't wait for my stuff to arrive... probably after the new years though...
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