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How to increase the shrimplet survival rate

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Hi everyone,

I just killed 10 of my 14 Crystal Red Shrimps again which I put them in a air pump breeding box next to my 17 gallon main tank!! I am very upset of what I have done!! But what else should I do?

My Main tank parameters:
- around 170 TDS
- ph about 6.5-6.8
-GH around 5-6
-KH around 1-2
- Nitrate around 20 ( using the API).
- ADA soil ( less than 4 months old)
- 24 Centigrade degree
- no fertilize with my water plants, but with moss and riccia... some stem plants.
- number of shrimps...around 40
- I feed Shirakura bio thing for the shrimplets, I also "suck" the dirt from the bleeding box everyday!
- Filter is using 250 FInnex Canister.

- When I do water change, I do RO and tap water 5050, add some shirakura mineral (either the liquid or the powder). I also mix very little "ph down" in the tank of water. Besides, I also add very little tetra anti-algae every other time when I change water. Each time I only change around 20% of the tank.

Back in 2 monthes ago:
I have two Crystal Red berried. Someone told me just left them in the tank. Finally they all hatched but I could only found 2 shrimplets.

A month ago:
I found another 3 shrimps berried.... based on the failure in the last time, I decided to move the berried shrimps into a big Sudo breeding box. Finally I saw over 14 shrimplets!! Very happy..but not too long... after 1 week or so... I could only see 4 shrimps... and I thought they hide somewhere but unfortunately it was not the case. Also, I saw couple of them going "rounding"... then go upside up side down... and I saw kind of of skin peeling like...would it be molting problem? Or any other issue such as water parameter??

So...what did I do wrong? ANd what should I do with the shrimplets? Or something wrong with my water parameter?

One "funny" thing is that.... I have another ADA 10 Gallon tank... almost the same setup except that I use only airpump with sponge filter! That tank raised with Mischling and BBK... and so far it had no casualty at all. THe only problem is that the GH and KH is just slightly lower... and I am watiing for it stable before getting from BBK from some people here.

Any suggestions or expereince would be cool. I feel very very bad that I could not keep the shrimplet survive... They were very very cute...

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Breeder boxes are nice for selective breeding and rearing young but I think the biggest problem with it, is that it isn't fool proof.

You have a chance of the young ones slipping through the cracks at the area where water returns to the tank. Have seen a lot of posts like that before.

Another thing is the box itself isn't "baby ready". Are most if not all of the side walls of the breeder box filled with algae for babies to eat off of? If its too clean, the babies won't get much natural food.

Also for ADA soil I experienced that it takes about 6 months plus in order for it to take off. Before that it is prone to random ammonia spikes, pretty much less stable.

Overall I personally don't like the breeder box idea other than to use for selective breeding only. If you are getting berried shrimps, you are doing something right so don't try to fix what isn't broken so I would just let the babies have it their way in their normal tank. Moving berried moms around, even in the same water conditions will stress them out, increasing the chance of dropping eggs.

Good luck! :)
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I leave all my berried females in the tank unless I want to control the numbers like RCS. But my CRS, Blue Bee and OEBTs stay in their tank. I found that my shrimplet survival rate increased when I started to feed them special shrimplet food. I have one from Shirakura and one from Peter's Laden, Germany.
I just recently had to move all my tangerine tiger shrimp from a 30 gal to a 10 gal and there were 9 berried females. Luckily none dropped the eggs.
Sounds like trouble molting I would lower the kh and just try doing water changes with pure remineralized ro
Definantly probably from moving and messing with them and from,the lack of food. Probably could have slipped back into the tank also. It is usually,better to just let them be. Best if the nitrates are 0 also.

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