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I've checked but I'm looking for some specifics for my setup.

I recieved some peacock moss last Friday in the mail. It was very healthy upon arival. When I recived it my temp in the tank was 78 digrees and still cycleing. I unplugged the heater and got the temp down to 72 digrees today (Tuesday).

On Saturday not knowing what I was doing I over dosed on Excel (2.5ml) and Flouish. The moss took a dive for the worse so I did a water change and it got even worse.

I have a 5.5 gallon aquarium with good circulation from a canister filter and a 14 watt flourecent striplight.

After overdosing and the water change on saturday, I waited till monday and dosed lightly with excel (.5ml). The moss looked like it was recovering and making new sprouts everywhere.

Today Tuesday the I turned the lights on and it looked like it was dieing overnight. Alot of the hairs on the moss are turning white and falling off but there are sprouts growing off of the dead stuff.

My lights are one 10 hours a day.

Should I quit dosing excel and let it recover?

Should I turn a air pump on over night?

In a 5.5 gallon aquarium with a canister filter and 14 watt light whats the best way to go about growing moss?

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I would leave it be. It is not abnormal for it to be a little stressed from transport and bombardment of chemicals. Give it some time. In a while it will perk up and start to show some new growth.
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