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How to grow HC emersed?

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Just wondering how you all grow your HC emersed. I have some growing but it seems to be slow and not so full. Just curious on the different methods.
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Mine is growing in ADA AS. There's a plastic covering on it to keep it moist. It's wiped off every so often so the condensation doesn't block the light. Grown with T5 lighting. I spray it with a mix of some EI ferts + macros once or twice a week if I remember.
I wonder if growing it in a hydroponic way would work in the tank? Like on
a floating piece of foam.
when you cover it, do you completely cover it 100% or leave a bit for some air to come in? Do you have any water in the soil at all times? How long does it take for you to grow it thick?
Has anyone tried to grow HC in a hydroponic system? I wonder if will grow this way and how well?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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