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So I have a 20gal long that has the penplex plastic dividers to make 3 sections. Even though the dividers have small holes in them, I have 3 hob filters and 3 sponge filters. Each side houses a different kind of shrimp. At first, I put the dividers in while the tank was setup. The shrimp got through the sides. Eventually I tore it down and tried to crazy glue the dividers in. It held for a few days but then the crazy glue let go. They are sort of firmly in place, but there is a gap here or there still that babies are getting through. Its not a problem right now because the babies can't cross breed with the others yet but I don't like the idea of 1 stray one hiding out and end up breeding with a different breed and it can ruin the colors of the shrimp.

Is there any sort of fast acting solvent I can use to glue them in place, either under water or drain say 80% of the water and at least 80% of the divider glued in place? I know I could use silicone but I rather not have the tank down for 2 days while it dries and have my shrimp in a container for a few days. Plus its hard to get the babies out when there is 60+ of them. Took me hours when I tore it down last time.

Now, I'm not sure if it didn't hold with the crazy glue because it was cheap dollar store stuff or not. It said cyno-whatever on the back, so I thought crazy glue is pretty much crazy glue, and it just didn't hold because it was plastic to glass, under the water.

Any suggestions?
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